Survivor 43 winner has likely been revealed in Fiji

Jeff Probst Still Hosting Survivor
Jeff Probst is still hosting Survivor after all of these years. Pic credit: CBS

The Survivor 43 winner may have already been crowned, even though the results of the season won’t be revealed on television until Fall 2022. We expect those new episodes to arrive at some point in September 2022.

It was in early May that it was confirmed that filming for Survivor 43 had already begun in Fiji. This will be the next season after Maryanne Oketch got crowned as the Survivor 42 winner and another installment with only brand-new castaways.

Host Jeff Probst also revealed that the Survivor 43 season is a short one, so enough time has passed that the filming has likely been completed. And that also means that Survivor 44 filming may begin soon, if it hasn’t already begun.

Survivor 43 leads reality competition lineup in Fall 2022

Wednesday nights this fall are going to be busy for fans of reality television. At 8/7c will be Survivor 43, with a new group of 18 castaways all competing for that $1 million prize. Here is that rumored cast list, which may have already picked its winner.

At 9/8c on Wednesdays this fall, a new season of The Amazing Race will showcase another race around the world. Filming is currently underway.

And then, at 10/9c each Wednesday evening, a new dating show called The Real Love Boat will make its debut. Yes, it’s a play on the old television show, but updated to be full of romance and drama (Wait, that sounds like the same exact thing).

More Survivor seasons on the horizon as well

In addition to Survivor 43 in the fall, CBS also has Survivor 44 slated to air in Spring 2023. That season will also be filmed in Fiji, and there have been some rumors floating around that it could be a second-chance opportunity.

And the Survivor 45 applications are now open for people who want to shoot their shot. The network hasn’t even given an official announcement that the show has been renewed for Season 45, but the ratings are still strong enough to hint at it happening soon.

Even if the Survivor 43 winner was already determined in Fiji, we still have months to go until the first episodes start rolling out. To pass the time, Survivor fans can stream past seasons of the show by using Paramount+. Anyone who hasn’t seen Survivor: Winners at War (Season 40) should definitely check it out.

Survivor 43 airs in Fall 2022 on CBS.

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