Survivor nominated for an Emmy award

Survivor just got nominated for an Emmy award this year. The Emmy voters responded well to Survivor 43 and Survivor 44. The reality competition show has now received some accolades. It has been several years since Survivor has even been nominated for an Emmy, so this is a big deal. The 2023 nomination comes in


Survivor 43 castaways given money by Sia

Survivor fan Sia is back to reward some of the Season 43 castaways with cash prizes. Anyone who watches Survivor religiously knows how much of a fan Sia has been over the years. As such, she routinely gives out cash prizes to her favorite competitors, even if they don’t end up winning the game. This


Survivor Season 43 recap: A look back at the first month

Survivor 43 has aired its first month of episodes already, giving fans a lot of drama with the new group of castaways. It’s amazing that we are already this close to the merge, even though there are still a few episodes left before that big day arrives on the calendar. That Survivor merge twist was


Survivor 43: Three people have been eliminated

Survivor 43 aired a new episode on Wednesday night, revealing what happened on Day 7 of the latest season. It was another intense episode for the Vesi Tribe, ending up with them being very short-handed by the night’s end. The episode was called I’ll Sign the Divorce Papers, and there was a lot of drama


Survivor 43, Episode 3 TV promo hints at intense tribe distrust

The new episode of Survivor hints at some intense drama for one of the tribes, with Mike Gabler right in the middle of it. On Survivor 43, Gabler is part of the Baka Tribe with Elie, Jeanine, Owen, and Sami. Back on the season premiere, they lost Morriah Young at the first Tribal Council for


Survivor recap: A look at how Season 43 has gone so far

This Survivor recap covers the first two episodes of Season 43, which were two-hour and 90-minute installments to get fans buzzing. A brand new group of castaways were on board as part of the Survivor 43 cast in Fiji. Host Jeff Probst also returned for more episodes, but he also let everyone know that Survivor


Survivor 43, Episode 2 TV promo and synopsis released

Survivor 43 returns with Episode 2 on Wednesday night, revealing more of what happened with the new castaways in Fiji. The season debuted on September 21 with a two-hour episode showcasing the 18 new people who were invited to play the game. As fans have partially already seen, Jeff Probst and the producers brought back a


Survivor 43 cast: Here are the new tribes

The Survivor 43 cast has been revealed, and the new season has the 18 castaways split into three tribes. All of the people who played the game this time are new to the show, so fans aren’t going to see any familiar faces this time. It’s also important to add that all of Survivor Season


Survivor fans react to show never returning to 39 days

Survivor fans are reacting to statements that host Jeff Probst made about the show not returning to 39 days, and quite a few viewers have expressed their frustrations with the news. Beginning with Survivor 41, production shifted the competition from 39 days down to just 26 days. This was to account for the two weeks


Survivor 43 will include some familiar twists and turns

Survivor 43 is going to present some familiar twists for the new castaways, but it is also going to change things up in order to remain fresh. One of the important components of the new season is that the people who played the game this time got to see Survivor 41 playing out on television.