Survivor 43: Three people have been eliminated

Cassidy Survivor 43
Cassidy Clark on the third episode of Survivor 43. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 43 aired a new episode on Wednesday night, revealing what happened on Day 7 of the latest season.

It was another intense episode for the Vesi Tribe, ending up with them being very short-handed by the night’s end.

The episode was called I’ll Sign the Divorce Papers, and there was a lot of drama at the Baka Tribe when Gabler learned that people had been going through his stuff.

Sami told Gabler that Elie and Jeanine had searched through his bag to learn more about the Immunity Idol he was holding. As with nearly every past episode of Survivor where this has happened, the violated castaway got pretty upset about it.

Baka acquired safety at the latest Immunity Challenge, so the drama didn’t get taken to Tribal Council with them.

And over at Coco, Karla was able to obtain the Immunity Idol from that beach. That could be huge for her, as nobody from her tribe has been eliminated (yet) this season.

Another one-sided Tribal Council vote on Survivor 43

At the latest Tribal Council, the Vesi Tribe had to vote someone else out, but they also went into it with the idea that they needed to keep the strongest people around.

Nneka Ejere was voted out, with the other four members of her tribe deciding to send her packing. Nneka voted for Noelle Lambert, making it the first vote against her (so far) this season.

Three people now eliminated from Survivor 43

Even though only seven days have passed on the show for the Survivor 43 cast, three people have now been eliminated from contention for the $1 million prize.

Morriah Young got voted out first on Survivor 43, followed by Justine Brennan on the second episode. They had been on Baka and Vesi, putting the tribes one person down ahead of Episode 3.

Now that Nneka has also been voted out of the game, the Vesi Tribe is down to just four people (Cody Assenmacher, Dwight Moore, Jesse Lopez, and Noelle Lambert) who are hoping to survive all the way to the merge.

The next episode of Survivor 43 arrives on October 12, when we see who gets voted out of the Tribal Council next.

For anyone who needs a refresher, here are the Survivor 43 cast bios in Fiji, breaking down who played the game this time and tried to win that $1 million prize.

Survivor 43 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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