Survivor Season 43 recap: A look back at the first month

Survivor 43 Ep 5
The first chunk of episodes for Survivor 43 is in the books. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 43 has aired its first month of episodes already, giving fans a lot of drama with the new group of castaways.

It’s amazing that we are already this close to the merge, even though there are still a few episodes left before that big day arrives on the calendar.

That Survivor merge twist was removed from the show, so there isn’t going to be an hourglass popping up on any of the Season 43 episodes.

Some Survivor fans have been upset that they will not be returning to 39-day seasons and that the 26-day installments are here to stay.

Looking ahead, a huge Idol twist is coming on Survivor 44, which could shake up the way the game is played. It could also lead to a lot of drama within the tribes early in the season.

For any fans who don’t already know, Survivor 44 was filmed in Fiji, and it will air on CBS in Spring 2023.

Who has been voted off Survivor 43 so far?

Through the first nine days (first four episodes) of Survivor Season 43, four people have been eliminated from contention. Each tribe has lost at least one person, though, so things aren’t too uneven as we head to the next group of episodes.

In order, the people who have been voted off of Survivor 43 so far were Morriah Young (Baka), Justine Brennan (Vesi), Nneka Ejere (Vesi), and Lindsay Carmine (Coco).

As for the powers in play, Cody Assenmacher and Karla Cruz Godoy have been able to put together Immunity Idol Bracelets so far, giving them some distinct power in the game.

Even though just nine days have passed on the show so far, since it is a season that lasts just 26 days, we are quickly approaching the halfway point of the competition.

What’s ahead on Survivor 43?

Below is the TV promo that CBS is running for the next new episode of Survivor 43. This will be Episode 5 of the season, and it is set to debut on Wednesday, October 19 at 8/7c.

Some tribe in-fighting is coming, and so is the quest for revenge by one of the castaways.

“Two castaways get caught by another tribemate while opening a Beware Advantage. Also, one person from each tribe must take a journey together where they can risk their vote or play it safe,” reads the Survivor synopsis for the episode called Stop with All the Niceness.

To catch up on all Survivor episodes from Season 43 and past seasons, they can all be streamed on Paramount+.

Survivor 43 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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