Survivor fans react to show never returning to 39 days

Jeff Probst Survivor Host
Jeff Probst returns for Survivor 47 in Fiji. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor fans are reacting to statements that host Jeff Probst made about the show not returning to 39 days, and quite a few viewers have expressed their frustrations with the news.

Beginning with Survivor 41, production shifted the competition from 39 days down to just 26 days. This was to account for the two weeks of safety protocols being put in place before the new cast could play the game.

Survivor 42 was also just 26 days long for the competitors, and it showed that the game can be done in fewer days with enough footage still available to present a full season of episodes for CBS.

Now, Jeff has reiterated that the 26-day seasons are here to stay, with the production team content with the way that the show is evolving. It has led to a lot of negative comments on social media.

“Yes, the 26-day season is here to stay. This is our new game, and we are very excited about the future,” Jeff Probst told EW.

“Twenty-six days, no food, meager supplies, penalties for losing, risky advantages, fast pace, small tribes. We like this version and we think it has legs, so we’re going to work within that format and see where it goes,” Jeff went on to say.

Survivor fans react to 26-day announcement

There are a lot of Survivor fans posting on social media about the change from 39 days.

“This makes me sad. 39 days was a big part of what made survivor, survivor,” wrote Twitter user Katie.

Katie Survivor Post
An upset Survivor fan posts. Pic credit: @katiemicc/Twitter

“Personally not fine with never hearing ’39 days. 20 people. one survivor!’ again,” Twitter user Mary wrote.

Mary Survivor Post
A frustrated Survivor fan posted about the change. Pic credit: @maryallieson/Twitter

And another Survivor fan posted about not seeing anyone pleased that the change had taken place.

“Haven’t seen one #Survivor fan tweet that they like the 26-day format. Everyone except @JeffProbst seems to be in agreement that they prefer 39 days,” wrote Survivor fan Chris.

Chris Survivor Post
Survivor fan notes his evidence. Pic credit: @chrsndbrg/Twitter

Survivor 43 was just 26 days long as well

Recently, the Survivor 43 cast bios were released, giving fans a good look at the people who will be featured during the Fall 2022 season. This new group of castaways also played the 26-day version of the game.

Additionally, Jeff Probst talked about a twist that was removed from the game, likely providing some news that Survivor fans are pretty happy about. The twist removal will probably be replaced by something different.

Survivor 43 airs on CBS during Fall 2022.

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