Survivor 44: A new Immunity Idol twist is coming

Jeff Probst Survivor Host
Jeff Probst returns as the Survivor 46 host. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 44 has already been filmed in Fiji and will be presented on CBS this spring.

The show’s producers have returned to filming seasons back-to-back, which means that as soon as Survivor 43 was wrapped, they had the Survivor 44 cast members ready to play the game.

We are three episodes into Survivor 43, with the rest of the season playing out on Wednesday nights this fall.

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There is still a lot of excitement ahead for this season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead to what’s coming.

And one particular twist that the Survivor 44 cast got to try out is certainly going to create a lot of buzz when the episodes finally debut.

No, it’s not the twist that Jeff Probst revealed is gone from the game, but rather a unique way of shaking up how the Individual Immunity Idols can be acquired.

Survivor 44 spoilers about Immunity Idols

Information coming from Fiji states that each tribe will have a bird cage at their camp during Survivor 44. According to Inside Survivor, inside that bird cage will be a real Immunity Idol and a fake Immunity Idol.

Instructions will be provided about where a key can be found for the bird cage, and the first person who gets inside will discover that there are two idols. That person must take the real idol and leave the fake one behind, possibly leading to someone else acquiring the fake one later.

This twist could lead to a lot of drama at Tribal Councils depending on which Immunity Idol people possess. It’s not completely clear how all the details will work, but having the idol in plain sight will shake things up a bit.

Survivor trying a lot of new twists

It’s good that the show is continuously trying new things to increase the excitement level for the fans at home. Shaking up how the game is played can also lead to some interesting strategies on the show.

Not every change has gone over well, though, as the elimination of 39-day seasons frustrated some Survivor fans, but Jeff Probst has stated that he doesn’t see the show returning to that format.

To catch up on Survivor 43 episodes or to go back and watch classic seasons from the past, everything is available for streaming through Paramount+.

Survivor 44 airs in the Spring of 2023 on CBS.

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