Survivor 43 will include some familiar twists and turns

Jeff Probst on the red carpet
Survivor host Jeff Probst helped reveal the Season 46 winner. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Survivor 43 is going to present some familiar twists for the new castaways, but it is also going to change things up in order to remain fresh.

One of the important components of the new season is that the people who played the game this time got to see Survivor 41 playing out on television.

It was during Survivor 41 that Erika Casupanan was introduced to the Hourglass Twist by host Jeff Probst.

It returned for Survivor 42, but will likely now be tabled since everyone knows about it.

Survivor 43 has already been filmed in Fiji, so Jeff speaks from an area of knowledge when he talks about what fans can expect during the Fall 2022 season.

Regarding the new players, here are the bios for the Survivor 43 cast, with 18 fresh people playing the game this time around. Fans should enjoy watching these new castaways show what they can do.

Jeff spoke about possible returning Survivor twists

Even though some of the twists will be gone, there are some recent changes to the game of Survivor that could be around for a while.

“Here’s a big hint to future players: When we say this is a new era of the game, we mean it,” Jeff Probst told Entertainment Weekly.

“We are establishing new markers. So things like small tribes, earn the merge, no food, risk/reward dilemmas, Shot In The Dark, are here to stay. Other specific twists will come and go depending on the season,” Jeff went on to elaborate.

Jeff got really specific with the components that Survivor fans should get comfortable with, which begins a debate about whether or not each new twist is good for the game.

How will the Survivor 43 cast react to the new format?

“They’re already thinking about when and how to best use a Shot In The Dark, or what they might do if they are presented with a risk/reward scenario?” Jeff stated when explaining how the new era of players will approach the game. 

“Or how do you keep an advantage a secret with a game design that is so public? We don’t want everything to be a surprise. Instead, we’re building a new foundation of game elements and leaving it to the players to figure out how best to play,” Jeff added about how the specific castaways will need to adjust.

It’s pretty clear that a new era of Survivor has begun, with a few new components that could stick around for a while. But since the Survivor producers do like to spice things up, fans should keep an eye out for new possible twists and turns that could arrive this fall.

Following new episodes of Survivor this fall will be a new season of The Amazing Race. Here are the new Amazing Race bios, which include a former NFL coach and a Big Brother showmance couple, competing for the $1 million prize.

Survivor 43 airs on CBS in Fall 2022.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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