New Amazing Race cast revealed, includes Big Brother showmance and NFL coach

Derek And Claire Race
Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss on the Amazing Race Season 34 cast. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Amazing Race 34 released its cast list, and there are a lot of fun duos that fans will get to watch this fall on CBS.

It was revealed in June that a new group of competitors had begun their race around the world, but we only had rumors to go off of when it came to the names of the cast members.

As expected, the official cast list for Amazing Race 34 includes a Big Brother showmance that seems geared toward doing well on the reality competition show.

Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss from Big Brother 23 started a relationship while they were both living in the jury house, and then they took that right into dating in the real world when the season ended.

Now, Big Brother fans will get to watch Claire and Derek compete on The Amazing Race, which will come shortly after Derek’s part in The Challenge USA.

But there are also a lot of other duos who competed in the race around the world to win that $1 million prize. Former NFL coach Rex Ryan, military brothers, and even former cheerleaders will be featured during the new season.

The Amazing Race 34 cast list

Below are the duos from Season 34 and some quick bios.

  • Big Brother couple Derek Xiao (24, Product Manager) and Claire Rehfuss (25, AI Engineer)
  • Couple Luis Colon (34, Firefighter) and Michelle Burgos (34, Dancer)
  • Childhood sweethearts Abby Garrett (24, Data Scientist) and Will Freeman (25, Accountant)
  • Military brothers Marcus (38, Army Tank Commander) and Michael Craig (30, Air Force Fighter Pilot)
  • Engaged couple Aastha Lal (33, VP of Operations) and Nina Duong (34, Director Business Dev.)
  • Newlyweds Glenda (41, Insurance Underwriter) and Lumumba Roberts (41, Middle School Teacher)
  • Reunited twins Emily Bushnell (36, Law Firm Admin) and Molly Sinert (36, Healthcare Admin)
  • Golf buddies Tim Mann (40, Probation Officer) and Rex Ryan (59, ESPN Analyst and former NFL coach)
  • Former Rams cheerleaders Quinton Peron (29, Choreographer) and Mattie Lynch (27, Dance Coach)
  • Ballroom dancers Aubrey Ares (29, Dance Studio Owner) and David Hernandez (29, Helicopter Mechanic)
  • Motivational speakers Rich Kuo (32, Life Coach) and Dom Jones (35, Gym Owner)
  • Father and daughter Linton (50, Assistant Principal) and Sharik Atkinson (23, Masters Student)

The Amazing Race 34 debuts in Fall 2022

The new season of The Amazing Race will air right after Survivor on Wednesday nights this fall. The season premiere arrives on Wednesday, September 21, and it is going to be fun to see the racers getting their time in the spotlight.

As the fall TV schedule gets closer to starting up, fans should expect to see a lot of additional commercials for Race and some scenes that will be seen within the first few episodes.

For anyone who didn’t get to catch Season 33 of The Amazing Race, it is available for streaming on Paramount+.

And for readers who also watch Survivor, a new advertisement for Season 43 has created some positive buzz for the show returning this fall.

The Amazing Race 34 airs on CBS in Fall 2022.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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