Survivor 43 castaways given money by Sia

Singer Sia Red Carpet
Singer Sia on the red carpet. Pic credit: © Smith/Featureflash

Survivor fan Sia is back to reward some of the Season 43 castaways with cash prizes.

Anyone who watches Survivor religiously knows how much of a fan Sia has been over the years.

As such, she routinely gives out cash prizes to her favorite competitors, even if they don’t end up winning the game.

This past season, Mike Gabler was named the Survivor 43 winner, but the finale yielded very surprising results for many viewers.

It was back on Survivor 33 that Sia Kate Isobelle Furler began her tradition of handing out a cash prize.

For Survivor: Kaoh Rong, Sia gave $50,000 to Tai Trang and then $50,000 more to charity in his name.

Since then, EW reports that Donathan Hurley, Davie Rickenbacker, Rick Devens, Aurora McCreary, Janet Carbin, Elaine Stott, Jamal Shipman, and Drea Wheeler have all received cash prizes as well.

Who got the Sia Prize on Survivor 43?

Sia just gave Jesse Lopez $100,000 after she was moved by his story, $50,000 to Owen Knight because she loved his personality, and Ryan Medrano got $50,000 because she feels he is a “beautiful, beautiful person.”

In total, that’s an additional $200,000 that members of the Survivor 43 cast received thanks to their very entertaining season. It’s always nice to see some of the fan favorites end up winning some cash, even if they came up short on the show itself.

A new season of Survivor begins soon

Already, CBS debuted a big trailer for Survivor 44 that hints at a lot of danger and drama coming up for this new cast. It all takes place in Fiji again, with the season having completed filming this past summer.

Some fans might be disappointed to learn that they are only doing the 26-day format again. Jeff Probst and the other Survivor producers appear fully done with the 39-day seasons, so everyone is just going to have to get used to the new Survivor.

We have a bit of time to wait until the new season of Survivor begins airing episodes on CBS, though, so that gives some additional time to be okay with the big change.

The break between seasons is a great time for fans to go back and stream some of the best installments from the past. Every season of the show is available on Paramount+.

Additionally, some Survivor alums are on a new show that debuts on Peacock soon, where they are competing with people from Big Brother and every walk of life in a psychological battle.

Survivor 43 is available for streaming on Paramount+.

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