Survivor 44 trailer teases a bad injury, dramatic new cast

Jeff Hosting Survivor 43
Jeff Probst is back to host Survivor 44. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A Survivor 44 trailer has been released, suggesting that this new cast will be tested in the show’s new season.

Fresh off the finale of Survivor 43, we now get to dive into early footage for the next group of castaways.

The season that will debut in Spring 2023 was already filmed in Fiji, but we will have to wait until Wednesday, March 1, to see the first episode.

And what a first episode it might be if the fall teased in the promo video is a part of that night. There had been rumors about someone getting hurt early, so this might be some confirmation.

Lots of buzz has already been created for Survivor 44 based on the way that Survivor 43 just ended. Few viewers could have predicted how the jury would vote on finale night.

Among the fans who were shocked by the result were many Big Brother winners who weighed in with their thoughts as it all played out live.

A brand new season of Survivor

Below is the first full-length trailer for Survivor 44. The footage has many cast members introducing themselves and speaking about the challenges that greeted them.

The trailer also begins with one castaway taking a big fall, and later we hear host Jeff Probst call for the medical team due to something that happens at one of the challenges.

More details about Survivor 44

The show’s upcoming season has the contestants playing a 26-day competition again, with the producers very content to keep it there instead of returning to the 39-day format.

A tease from the trailer also showed that we would see a different way that the Hidden Immunity Idols get played at camp and that they won’t be hidden any longer. They will be in plain sight but come with a lot of risk for the people going after them.

There are likely to be other twists and turns that will be revealed later, but we know that the show has already been filmed and that the first new episode airs on March 1.

The Survivor 43 winner was just revealed, and fans who need to catch up on episodes can stream them on Paramount+. That’s also where other great seasons from the past can be viewed.

There will also be some former Survivor contestants on The Traitors, a new reality competition show debuting this winter.

Survivor 44 debuts Wednesday, March 1, on CBS.

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