The Amazing Race 34: Everything we know so far about the new season

Phil Back For Amazing Race
New episodes of The Amazing Race air in primetime during Fall 2022. Pic credit: CBS

A new season of The Amazing Race will air on CBS in the Fall of 2022. Viewers will get to see a brand new group of competitors all trying to win the race around the world.

After being off the air for a while, the reality competition show returned with new episodes that aired this past winter. YouTube celebrities Kim Holderness and Penn Holderness won the $1 million prize for finishing in first place.

Though the presentation of the season was split into two parts due to some people quitting during an interruption in production, TAR continued to do well in the television ratings.

CBS didn’t waste too much time announcing a renewal, and now everyone is hard at work to have episodes ready to go in either September or October 2022.

When is the Amazing Race 34 season premiere?

The exact start date for the show hasn’t been announced, but we do know that Season 34 episodes will be airing after Survivor 43 episodes on Wednesday nights. Fans can pencil in those start dates for the week after the Big Brother 24 season finale.

Big Brother will also be airing on Wednesday nights, so once the CBS hit reality competition show brings its Summer 2022 season to a close, Survivor and The Amazing Race can slide right into the Wednesday night primetime slots.

The schedule should have Survivor 43 at 8/7c, The Amazing Race 34 at 9/8c, and the debut season of the new show, The Real Love Boat, airing at 10/9c each week.

Early rumors for The Amazing Race

It is rumored that a Big Brother couple is on The Amazing Race this season. Those early rumors stem from some pictures that popped up on social media. And quite a few people who have appeared on Big Brother have also gone on to compete on the Race.

Phil Keoghan, the host of The Amazing Race, revealed that filming is now underway for the new season, so people are already racing around the world to win that big cash prize.

When filming has been completed, that’s when we expect the full cast list for The Amazing Race 34 to be confirmed. Since it’s still a while until the episodes will air this fall, the network doesn’t have to rush that information.

Below is video footage of the official beginning of the race with host Phil Keoghan presenting the teaser.

It’s going to be a while until the next season of the show begins, but, in the meantime, fans of The Amazing Race can use Paramount+ to stream all previous seasons. For anyone who missed it, Season 33 is well worth going back to watch.

The Amazing Race 34 will air on CBS this fall.

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