The Amazing Race 33 cast: Who are Kim Holderness and Penn Holderness?

Holderness On The Amazing Race
Kim and Penn Holderness on The Amazing Race 33 that airs in Winter 2022. Pic credit: Michele Crowe/CBS

A new Amazing Race cast will soon make its debut on the hit CBS reality competition show.

Recently, the network announced all of the racers for Season 33, creating some instant buzz about what’s going to air this winter.

The two-hour season premiere for The Amazing Race 33 comes on Wednesday, January 5, where it will air until Survivor 42 debuts in March.

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There are some really interesting people on the TAR 33 cast, and that includes Kim Holderness and Penn Holderness.

Who are Kim Holderness and Penn Holderness on The Amazing Race cast?

Kim and Penn Holderness, now better known as The Holderness Family on YouTube and social media, are content creators who have gone viral several times for hilarious takes on holidays, raising kids, and even mocking the formulaic way holiday movies are made.

For Marvel movie fans, Kim can be spotted during a scene early in Iron Man 3, where Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) is addressing the media at his car and calling out The Mandarin for seriously injuring his friend, Happy.

Now, she uses those acting talents on videos where Penn sings about what is going on in their lives. Frequently, they perform a parody of a famous song as they act out funny moments from their lives.

Below is a Christmas video that really put The Holderness Family on the map when it comes to being YouTube favorites.

#XMAS JAMMIES - Merry Christmas from the Holderness Family! | The Holderness Family

Holderness Family fans should enjoy TAR 33

Kim Holderness (45) and Penn Holderness (47) will be introduced as married YouTube stars from North Carolina when the new season of The Amazing Race gets started.

Below is a video where Kim and Penn talk about being on the new season. For Race fans who don’t know already, this season was filmed before the pandemic began, but CBS felt that showcasing a contest that involved traveling around the world didn’t fit the climate.

Now, we finally get to see the season play out, with new episodes coming out each Wednesday night, beginning with the season premiere.

As a reminder, make sure to tune in on Wednesday, January 5 at 8/7c for the two-hour premiere of the new cast. Following that first episode, the show will settle into the 9/8c timeslot each Wednesday.

For television viewers getting excited about the next season of Survivor, here is a look at the Survivor 42 cast, which finished playing the game in Fiji a short time ago. They will soon get their moment in the spotlight during primetime in Spring 2022.

The Amazing Race debuts on January 5 on CBS.

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