Teen Mom OG: Dr. Drew says Carly’s adoptive parents are ‘closing down access’ to birth parents Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG
Dr. Drew revealed that Catelynn and Tyler might be losing visitation with their daughter Carly. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra might be seeing less of their eldest daughter, Carly, according to information revealed by Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Dr. Drew, longtime host of the Teen Mom OG reunions, went on record saying that Carly’s adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis, are “closing down access” to their daughter.

According to Dr. Drew, Brandon and Teresa want Carly out of the spotlight

On an episode of the podcast Juicy Scoop YouTube show with host Heather McDonald, Dr. Drew claimed that her adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa no longer want Carly in the limelight.

“I think [Brandon and Teresa] are sort of closing down access because they don’t want the cameras and they don’t want to be part of the story,” Dr. Drew told Heather.

“[Carly’s parents] have been lovely, by the way,” Dr. Drew added.

Brandon and Teresa Davis formerly of Teen Mom OG
Carly’s adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis. Pic credit: MTV

The MTV host revealed that he has maintained a close relationship with the Baltierras

Dr. Drew went on to discuss his relationship with Carly’s birth parents, Catelynn and Tyler.

“Catelynn… she and Tyler were always kind of special to me. They stay in close touch with me,” Dr. Drew revealed. He added, “They call me for all kinds of things, Catelynn does anyway. They all can call me, but Catelynn does.”

It looked like Catelynn and Tyler possibly had their 12-year visit with Carly last weekend. Their adoption counselor, Dawn, shared a pic with the Teen Mom OG stars, along with the hashtags #12yearvisit and #openadoption.

The pandemic threw a wrench in Catelynn and Tyler’s visitation with Carly

Because of COVID-19 travel restrictions, the Baltierras weren’t able to see their firstborn daughter last year.

Last year, Catelynn explained why viewers would be seeing less of Carly on the show. “Carly is getting older and… it’s gotten to a point where her parents want to keep her private, which we respect,” Catelynn revealed.

The pregnant 29-year-old mom of three, who is expecting a fourth daughter with Tyler later this year, revealed that although she doesn’t watch the show, she hopes to watch her 16 and Pregnant adoption episode someday with Carly.

The couple opened up to Dr. Drew earlier this year during the Teen Mom OG reunion

Tyler and Catelynn were apprehensive about their relationship with Carly, moving forward. Tyler explained that he was hesitant to reach out to Carly for fear of his intentions being misconstrued by Brandon and Teresa.

Catelynn revealed her fear of losing a relationship with Carly when she revealed to Dr. Drew, “It’s because, too, because in a snap of a finger they can take everything away.”

Catelynn wished Carly a happy 12th birthday in a touching post she shared last month. She told her daughter, “It was a few days of love, snuggles, but so many tears also.”

She continued, “Adoption is hard on so many levels but it has it’s amazing moments as well.. the life you have I wouldn’t of been able to give you when I was only 16 and I hope you will understand that as you continue to grow into adulthood… knowing that @tylerbaltierramtv and I loved you so much that we gave you all that we couldn’t in that moment.. we love you and we think about you everyday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY[.]”

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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1 year ago

They are the ONLY couple that lasted past even marriage. They were too young, but they would and could have raised Carly. Too bad.

Renee fulmer
Renee fulmer
1 year ago

I have the deepest respect for this young couple! They were more mature at 16 than most 30 yr olds! They were
Model teenagers! Sure it wasn’t the most responsible thing that they did getting pregnant but we all have had a momentary laps of reason from time to time but they r all around great people!