Teen Mom OG: Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra fear their relationship with Carly could be taken away

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG
Catelynn and Tyler talked about Carly and her adoptive parents on the reunion. Pic credit: MTV

In a preview for part two of the Teen Mom OG reunion, Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra talked about their relationship with their firstborn daughter, Carly, and her adoptive parents.

The Teen Mom OG couple talked with hosts Nessa and Dr. Drew via video chat for the reunion and first talked about the news of Catelynn’s pregnancy.

Tyler revealed that Catelynn’s pregnancy almost makes him feel like giggling, saying, “Cause it’s like adrenaline, and anxiety, and happiness.”

Nessa brought up to Tyler that he chose not to write a letter to his and Cate’s daughter, Carly. In an episode this past season, viewers watched as Cate and Ty met with their adoption counselor to discuss staying in contact with Carly.

The couple disagreed about whether contacting Carly was the right thing to do. Catelynn sent a handwritten letter to Carly, but Tyler chose not to send anything. He explained why he chose not to take part in the letter sending.

Tyler doesn’t trust the way he communicates

He explained, “I don’t, sometimes, I don’t trust my own words. I don’t trust how I say things. I don’t really trust myself and how I’m going to explain something and if that’s gonna match up with how Brandon and Teresa really want her to get that information.”

“But I just feel like, I almost feel like whatever happens, I have to kind of, like, filter through Brandon and Teresa first because, you know, I can, I dunno, I just, I, I don’t trust what I’m gonna say I guess sometimes, which is just very difficult to navigate and to feel close within a relationship when you don’t, when you have to second guess you know, your approach and delivery all the time.”

Tyler explained that he didn’t want it to come across as though Brandon and Teresa were getting in the way of his relationship with Carly, but said, “At the end of the day, the reality is I cannot get to Carly unless going through Brandon and Teresa, respectfully, that’s her parents. I agree with that.”

Tyler and Catelynn feel ‘inferior’

Tyler admitted that he and Catelynn, although both approaching 30, both feel that they’re in an “inferior” position.

Catelynn, who was quiet for most of the discussion, spoke up and said, “It’s because, too, because in a snap of a finger they can take everything away.”

Dr. Drew asked Tyler if he could say anything to Brandon and Teresa, what it would be. Tyler answered, “The one [thing] I could say to Brandon and Teresa is thank you for giving my daughter the life that she has. She would not have anything if it wasn’t for them. So I honestly have nothing to say to them or even feel anything, but, but just gratitude.”

Tyler again explained that he can’t change the way he expresses himself and that it’s tough trying to navigate the situation, trying to view things from Carly’s adoptive parents’ viewpoint and his and Catelynn’s.

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