Teen Mom 2: Briana DeJesus called ‘thirsty’ for trying to force baby daddy Luis into daughter Stella’s life

Luis Hernandez and Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 fans ripped Briana DeJesus for trying to force Luis Hernandez into their daughter Stella’s life Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 got slammed by her followers for continually trying to force her baby daddy Luis Hernandez into their daughter Stella’s life.

Briana and Luis share her youngest daughter, Stella, who is 4-years-old. Although Briana initially didn’t want to keep the baby, Luis was adamant that she should.

But although Luis wanted Briana to have their baby, he didn’t seem to want to step up to any of the responsibilities involved in raising her.

Luis has been largely absent in Stella’s life as seen on Teen Mom 2 and has repeatedly let Stella down by promising to spend time with her and then not showing up.

In this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Luis reached out to Briana to see Stella after Briana’s mom, Roxanne, called Luis’s mom to complain that he wasn’t doing his part as a father in Stella’s life.

Luis actually showed up for once and arrived at Briana’s house but Stella wasn’t excited about spending time with her dad.

Teen Mom fans react to Briana trying to force Luis into Stella’s life

One Teen Mom 2 fan tweeted about Briana after the episode and said, “Briana stop tryna squeeze fatherhood into Luis’s life. It’s obviously not part of his schedule dear u making yoself look thirsty all while blaming Stella. Stella [doesn’t] love his a** but u obviously do.”

Briana retweeted the comment along with a reply to her followers that read, “No I don’t love Luis nor am I thirsty for him….. but I definitely had plans for Stella and life just isn’t what u always want it to be[.]”

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Briana responded to a Teen Mom 2 fan who called her “thirsty” for Luis and accused her of “blaming” Stella Pic credit: @xobrianadej/Twitter

Plenty of Briana’s followers read the tweet and had their own opinions about the situation and many of them were not happy with Briana’s choices when it comes to Luis and Stella.

One of Briana’s followers didn’t believe what Briana said and brought up a scene from last season on Teen Mom 2. Briana met up with Luis at a club and the two ended up having unprotected sex, ending in Briana contracting an STD from Luis.

The commenter responded to her tweet, “You were sure thirsty for him when you caught an STD from him[.]”

Another one of Briana’s followers commented what many fans of Teen Mom 2 have felt, that Briana gives Luis the benefit of the doubt, but bashes her other baby daddy, Devoin Austin, with whom she shares daughter, Nova, 9.

The follower wrote, “Why do you hate Devoin so much when he does more for both your daughters than Luis, but yet you’re always helping Luis out and making excuses for him? I really like you and your family, but when you do stuff like mistreat Devoin but be nice to loser a** Luis is just sickening.”

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Briana’s followers spoke out about her including Luis in Stella’s life Pic credit: @xobrianadej/Twitter

Nova’s dad, Devoin, often includes Briana’s other daughter, Stella, when he spends time with Nova. Devoin stepped up big time for both of Briana’s girls last month on Father’s Day when Luis was absent once again.

Teen Mom 2 fans recently called out Briana for seemingly not playing fair when it comes to her baby daddies. They felt as though she undeservingly throws more shade at Luis than Devoin.

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Another fan urged Briana to stop giving Stella false hope with her dad, Luis Pic credit: @xobrianadej/Twitter

Is Luis’s absence better than coming and going?

One of Briana’s followers gave her some advice and suggested that she stop contacting Luis to see Stella. They felt that Luis being completely absent in Stella’s life was better than coming and going intermittently.

They told Briana, “Please stop calling him (or your family calling his family) to see your daughter. I understand the plan you had for your daughter but an absent father is better than a [peek]-a-boo dad.. you are doing great and just let her see you shine! I am [speaking] from experience[.]”

Last month, Briana responded to a fan who asked about Luis’s family’s involvement in Stella’s life. Briana claimed that they had only reached out three times since Stella was born.

When it comes to Stella’s best interest, Teen Mom 2 fans questioned why Briana hasn’t filed for child support from Luis. Briana gave viewers a hint about upcoming episodes when she implied that she may have hired a lawyer to get what Stella deserves and told them, “Keep watching teen mom 2 and you’ll see what I end up doing[.]”

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