Sweet Home Sextuplets: Here’s what the Waldrops have been up to

The Waldrop Family of Sweet Home Sextuplets
The Waldrop Family of Sweet Home Sextuplets. Pic credit: TLC

Courtney Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets has been extra busy on social media and in real life this past week. She has shared quite a bit of happening in the family’s lives.

Earlier in the week, Courtney shared a cute photo of one of the sextuplets, daughter Rayne. In the pic, Rayne was wearing a pair of sunglasses on her head while she posed for the camera. Courtney captioned the post, “She said “look at me Mommy..I look like you with your glasses on my head”? Oh Rayne you are a cute little mess”

In another post a couple of days later, Courtney shared that sons Saylor and their twins, Wales and Bridge would be ending their basketball season. Dad Eric Waldrop coaches all three boys as seen in the series of 10 black and white photos.

She said, “Basketball Season? for these 3 boys has officially come to an end. It’s been a fun and very busy season. Eric coaches all 3 boys and as hard as that may be he wouldn’t trade it for anything and I managed to take the sextuplets to most of the games to watch their brothers play!!?”

“Baseball tournaments start now⚾️We go straight from one sport to another… Life is crazy busy right now but we are surviving and loving these days!!”

In the next post of the week, Courtney shared a picture of their daredevil son Blu, who had climbed onto a window sill to see the excavators digging up land outside in the family’s backyard. She wrote, “I know what he’s thinking “if I can’t see down there might as well climb up here” ???”

“oh Blu Blu…I’ll give you a pass since it is pretty fun watching the excavator dig up the yard and make more dirt for y’all to play in?‍♀️??‍♀️”

The sextuplets went through their first carwash

Another post from earlier this week was a video of daughters Rayne and Rawlings going through a car wash for the first time. The other sextuplets were asleep and missed the fun.

Mom Courtney wrote, “This was the first time the sextuplets had been through a car wash and all were asleep except Rayne and Rawlings!! Rayne LOVED it and Rawlings’s was in shock? I’ll have to go back when all are awake..that should be a lot of fun!!!?#carwash #funtimes #memories

The sextuplets joined gymnastics

The 38-year-old mom of nine also shared a pic of her and Eric’s sextuplets on their stairs, dressed in their gymnastics clothes. She detailed the toddlers’ new activity. “These 6 have started gymnastics and loving it!!!”

And in another gymnastics shot, Courtney posted a photo of just the girls. They wore leopard-print leotards, gold-strapped shoes and big black bows in their hair. Courtney captioned the adorable photo, “Gymnastics Girls!!?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️ love that they are getting old enough to have their own extra activities!!”

Courtney and Eric are parents to nine children total, including their eldest son Saylor, twins Wales and Bridge, and the sextuplets: Rayne, Rivers, Rawlings, Blu, Layke and Tag. The Alabama-based family has been undergoing construction as they expand to accommodate their large size.

The Waldrops are always on the go

Courtney and Eric are always busy juggling work, nine kids, and everyone’s schedules. They don’t let their large family size deter them from doing all the things they love to do.

When the kids aren’t busy with sports and other activities, they have plenty of room to sprawl on their family’s 40 acres, 20 of which operate as a sheep farm. Eric owns and operates the family’s landscaping business and Courtney retired from her job as a first-grade teacher to care for their kids. 

Fans are hopeful to hear an official return date for their upcoming fourth season.

Sweet Home Sextuplets is currently on hiatus.

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Tamara l McCusker
Tamara l McCusker
3 years ago

I love your family . Please show the kids how to love the beautiful dogs you have. They need love too.