Sweet Home Sextuplets: See which of the babies pretended to be carpenters like their daddy Eric

The Waldrop Sextuplets of Sweet Home Sextuplets
The Waldrop Sextuplets of Sweet Home Sextuplets. Pic credit: God’s Divine Nine/YouTube

In a series of pics posted to Instagram over the weekend, Courtney Waldrop shared two of her “monkeys” pretending to be carpenters like their daddy, Eric Waldrop.

The funny caption read, “Look what I caught these two little monkeys doing? or should I say two little carpenters??⚒️ They watch their Daddy and the builders at our house all day long.”

“I guess they thought ‘hey we’ll help out and get the job done even faster’??Learning young… and I promise no one got hurt!!???? thankfully?#workingboys #tools #letsgetthejobdone #wewanttohelp #learningyoung”

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Tag and Blu were the two sextuplets playing with a hammer and a drill while pretending to work with lumber in the yard, as Courtney pointed out in her stories.

The Waldrop’s home has been under construction since 2019

The Waldrop’s home is currently under construction, as work on Eric and Courtney’s master bedroom renovation continues. Courtney and Eric temporarily lived in a 1,500-square-foot mobile home on their property while renovations took place.

Despite cramming a family of 11 into a small mobile home, the Waldrops didn’t let their cramped living situation stop them from living their normal lives. They even hosted family for the holidays.

The home has been under construction since 2019 and renovations were temporarily halted due to the pandemic last year. Construction has now resumed, and Courtney couldn’t be more thrilled.

The family of 11 lives in Albertville, Alabama on 40 acres

The family decided to expand their home, given the size of their family, rather than moving. Courtney, Eric, and their nine children live in Albertville, Alabama on a sheep farm on 40 acres of land.

Courtney loves sharing their family’s happenings with her followers. She also shared a pic yesterday of hubby Eric, who fell asleep with one of their daughters on the couch. Eric owns and operates the family’s landscaping business, Robinson & Waldrop Landscape Group, LLC.

Courtney was a first-grade school teacher before staying home to care for the couple’s enormous family. Her pregnancy with the sextuplets landed her on bed rest at 24 weeks gestation, and she admitted to the hospital at 26 weeks to be closely monitored.

Courtney’s body was able to carry the sextuplets to 30 weeks gestation, when they were all delivered 10 weeks prematurely. Despite a NICU stay for all six babies, they’ve miraculously all developed without any major health concerns.

Courtney and Eric also share three older sons, Saylor, and twins Wales and Bridge. Fans are looking forward to the show’s anticipated return to TV this year after the pandemic temporarily shut down production last year.

Sweet Home Sextuplets is currently on hiatus.

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