Courtney Waldrop updates home renovation progress, thanks Eric for special birthday post

Courtney Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets
Courtney Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets. Pic credit: TLC

Courtney posted updated renovation pics of the family’s house yesterday, which was her birthday. Her caption read, “Well I may have got the best birthday gift I could have asked for…WALLS to our bedroom!!?????”

“Oh y’all I feel like this has been a long time coming, so it definitely was the best gift to see them go up today!!”

“Also I want to say that the post Eric posted earlier today for me made this day extra special and filled my heart❤️ so thankful for a precious husband who is so good to me!!”

“And thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes and sweet comments? I have loved reading them all. You all brought a lot of smiles to my face today and made my day extra special!!”

“Thank y’all so very much!!!???Blessed Day!!❤️#birthday #im39 #thankful #blessed #loved

In the last pic in the series, Courtney is mid-jump, celebrating with a fun pose.

The family of 11 needed to maximize their home’s space

With a family as large as the Waldrops, they need all the living space they can get. The Waldrops moved into a temporary 1,500 square-foot mobile home in 2019 to allow renovations to take place, but still be close to home. The large family resides in Albertville, Alabama.

TLC captured the family while all 11 of them crammed inside the mobile home, then the pandemic hit soon after, halting construction on their home. While living in such tight quarters, the Waldrops still did everything they could to keep their nine kids entertained.  

Courtney and Eric have been sleeping on mattresses on the floor, allowing the kids to share bedrooms while they await construction to be complete. Obviously, the renovations have resumed, and Courtney couldn’t contain her excitement.

Courtney has since shared other pics from the home’s renovation, including their gorgeous, all-white kitchen. Fans commented that white walls, cupboards, and countertops were a brave design choice for a mom of nine.

Of their nine children, six of the Waldrop kids are sextuplets named Blu Wellington, Rayne McCoy, Layke Bryars, Tag Bricker, Rivers McCall, and Rawlings McClaine. Courtney has said that she always loved unique names.

Courtney talked about her distinctive name choices in their debut episode, saying, “Their names are different, and on social media that’s been like the big talk, is the names. I like different names … Names you don’t hear a lot.” 

Her post comes a day after Courtney’s husband, Eric took over her Instagram account to post a charming happy birthday sentiment to his wife, proclaiming his love for his “angel.” The couple has been together for 25 years, and have been married since 2004.

Courtney and Eric’s love story started as love at first sight in eighth grade

They met in eighth grade, and Eric said of their early meeting, “Courtney and I, we’ve been together since eighth grade and never been with anybody else. So it’s kind of like one of those, I guess you could say, not high-school sweethearts, junior-high sweethearts.” Courtney added, “I really would call it love at first sight.” 

The duo attended college together at Auburn University and married only one month after graduation. They welcomed their first son, Saylor in 2008. Twin brothers Wales and Bridge followed in 2012. And the sextuplets were born in 2017.

Courtney frequently shares the family’s daily activities on her Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

Sweet Home Sextuplets is currently on hiatus.

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