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Survivor update: An exciting look at the next three seasons of the show

Jeff Probst Hosting Survivor
Jeff Probst is back to hosting Survivor again. Pic credit: CBS

Three seasons of Survivor are currently being worked on, showing how strong the reality competition show continues to be with CBS.

Each of the new seasons is at a different point of production with the network ready to make up for lost time when it comes to airing new episodes.

The coronavirus pandemic forced CBS to cancel the fall 2020 Survivor season, as well as the spring 2021 season. But when things opened back up in Fiji, it was off to the races for host Jeff Probst and the rest of the production team.

Now, fans are going to have a lot to look forward to over the next two years, with more possible seasons debuting after the three that are in progress.

Survivor 41 update

CBS recently announced that Survivor Season 41 will air in the fall of 2021. Filming appears to be completed and all that is left to do is finish editing it before episodes can start airing in late September or early October.

A rumored cast list was also revealed, giving fans a look at the names and faces of the people we expect to see this fall. It looks like a well-rounded cast, with a lot of diversity and a good range of ages that could breathe some new life into the franchise.

Survivor 42 rumors

In a recent video that host Jeff Probst shared online, he may have confirmed that Survivor 42 is already filming. That’s great news, as there had been rumors that the season could get delayed due to flight restrictions in and out of Fiji.

If it is true, and everything is back on schedule, then the Survivor 42 cast could be done with filming by the end of June. This season would then be scheduled to air in early 2022 on CBS. That would likely mean a season premiere near the end of January or the beginning of February.

Having everything back on schedule is really good news because it means that filming can be done without interruptions and that episodes can be filmed far in advance.

Survivor 43 news

Survivor 43 applications are open for people hoping to play the game. The expectation is that filming will begin in July of 2021 and that the season will then air on CBS in the fall of 2022. That’s a long way down the road, but it’s also great news that the show is healthy enough to be promoting a season that far in advance.

The Survivor information page also hints at seasons beyond No. 43, so people submitting applications now could also be considered for a future season.

As a reminder, new seasons of Survivor are going to be much shorter than before. It’s a way to save money from the production standpoint, but it also means that the game is going to look a lot different when the castaways finally make it back on CBS. It could also ramp up the level of excitement because everything is going to happen much quicker than in the past.

Survivor 41 debuts in the fall of 2021 on CBS.

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