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Survivor 42: Jeff Probst hints at new future season already filming

Jeff Probst Hosting Survivor
It looks like Jeff Probst is already hosting Survivor 42 episodes. Pic credit: CBS

The Survivor 42 season appears to have already begun. That’s great news, as there had been rumors about Survivor 42 experiencing some delays before filming could begin.

Now, it looks like the Survivor 42 cast was able to get to Fiji safely and that the challenges may have already begun.

It’s important to not confuse this particular season with Survivor 41, which has already completed filming.

CBS is going to be airing Survivor 41 in the fall of 2021. Then, the expectation is that Survivor 42 will air that spring in primetime.

Filming seasons back-to-back in Fiji has become the regular practice for the production crew in order to cut down on costs. It has worked for a while now and has continued this spring out there.

Survivor 42 already filming?

In a new video that host Jeff Probst put up on social media to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the show, he noted that they were about to compete with the castaways. Since the Survivor 41 cast finished filming a while ago, if this was a new video and not pre-taped by Jeff, then he was referring to the Survivor 42 cast already being in action.

If it is true that the Survivor 42 cast has already been filming, then they are less than a month from completing their season. That would mean they should finish competing before the end of June, and that would be plenty of time to prepare the footage to begin airing in late January or early February of 2022 on CBS.

This is all really great news because it means things are getting back to normal for the hit reality competition show. Fans haven’t seen new content from the show since Survivor: Winners at War came to an end, and it was hard to go an entire year without any new episodes.

We can’t wait to start seeing promos for the Survivor 41 cast and some previews of the upcoming episodes. A rumored Survivor 41 cast list was already posted online, so fans can look at that to see the faces of the people we may see playing the game this fall.

When does Survivor 41 star on CBS?

There are rumors that the Big Brother 23 season finale will air on Wednesday, September 29. Typically, the Big Brother season finale and the Survivor season premiere air on the same day in order to give the network an entire block of programming.

If those rumors are true, then we should see a 60- or 90-minute Survivor 41 season premiere on September 29. That would be very exciting, especially with how long we have already waited for a new season of the show to get started. Even the formatting changes to Survivor won’t phase us at this point.

Since everything is already done filming for the fall season, we won’t have to deal with any more delays before new episodes of Survivor make it over to CBS. Soon enough, there are likely to even be some Survivor spoilers hitting the internet in regard to who has made it to the final three.

Survivor 42 should air in the spring of 2022 on CBS.

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