Survivor winner Maryanne Oketch gets engaged to Konner Howell

Maryanne Oketch is now engaged. Survivor fans met Maryanne when she burst onto the scene during Season 42. The energetic and outspoken castaway became a fan favorite due to the smile that rarely left her face. That same energy caused her to be an outsider in her tribe, and she had to fight hard to


Survivor nominated for a 2022 Emmy Award

Survivor was just nominated for a 2022 Emmy Award, based on the work that was done on Season 41 and Season 42. It was just revealed that Survivor is up for Outstanding Cinematography For A Reality Program. It’s a category that the show has been nominated in before, and it’s true that the location shots


Sia Award for Survivor 42 given out to unsuspecting castaway

Survivor 42’s Sia Award winner was revealed this past week, with one of the castaways getting a nice $100,000 prize from the pop singer. A long-time fan of the show, Sia loves gifting her favorite contestants with money based on how they played the game. It was Maryanne Oketch who was named the Survivor 42


Survivor 42: Who did fans pick as the best player of the season?

Survivor 42 revealed its winner recently, with Maryanne Oketch emerging as the person who left Fiji $1 million richer. There were a few disgruntled fans, though, and some Survivor viewers had very negative things to say about Maryanne and her victory. Since the finale episode aired, a poll has been taking place among fans of


Some Survivor fans react negatively to Maryanne Oketch winning

Maryanne Oketch was revealed as the Survivor 42 winner on Wednesday night, bringing to a close the latest season of the show. Many Survivor fans cheered on the results, but there are some Survivor fans who have expressed a lot of frustrations with how it turned out. Over the three hours of finale night, we


Survivor finale: Time, format, and everything else you need to know

Survivor finale time has arrived for the Season 42 cast, and it is time for the viewers at home to learn who won the $1 million prize in Fiji. It’s going to be an exciting night for the show, with host Jeff Probst leading the way in primetime. The Survivor 42 cast filmed their season


Survivor 42 jury talks about Ponderosa, Omar calls it ‘uncomfotable’

The Survivor 42 jury spent a lot of time in Ponderosa during the latest season, even if videos of those moments weren’t released in the same fashion as past seasons. Chanelle Howell, Drea Wheeler, Hai Giang, Omar Zaheer, Rocksroy Bailey, and Tori Meehan were the first six members of the Survivor 42 jury, and they took part in


Survivor 42 season finale: Promo released for three-hour episode

The Survivor 42 season finale has nearly arrived, where the final five castaways are going to battle it out for spots in the top three. An epic conclusion to the season is hinted at in the TV promo that has been released, where it shows one person scrambling for an Immunity Idol and another person


Survivor 42: How does the final four Fire-Making Challenge work?

Survivor 42 is ending in two weeks, with a big three-hour season finale putting a cap on the season. Eighteen new castaways took part in the latest season, and it was all filmed in Fiji this past summer. There is a $1 million prize on the line for the Survivor 42 winner, and that person


Survivor 42 spoilers: Who is about to finish in sixth place?

Survivor 42 is down to its final six castaways, and one of them got to leave Fiji with the $1 million prize. Because the season was filmed last summer, that also led to the possibility that information would get leaked. On the show’s last episode, Drea Wheeler was voted out at Tribal Council. It had