Survivor 42: How does the final four Fire-Making Challenge work?

Jeff Probst Season 42
Host Jeff Probst is wrapping up another season of Survivor. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 42 is ending in two weeks, with a big three-hour season finale putting a cap on the season. Eighteen new castaways took part in the latest season, and it was all filmed in Fiji this past summer.

There is a $1 million prize on the line for the Survivor 42 winner, and that person is selected by a jury of people evicted earlier in the season. Eight people will determine the fate of the final three on finale night.

Since this season of Survivor was already filmed, the castaways know who won the big cash prize, and now it just comes down to the viewers at home learning what took place in the final days. But to get to the final three, a Fire-Making Challenge is set to take place.

In recent seasons, a final four Fire-Making Challenge has become how the cast determines who sits in the final three. Gone are the days of just two people sitting in front of the Survivor jury, and instead, it has become a vote of the final three contestants.

How does the final four Fire-Making Challenge work?

When there are just four people left in the game, one final Individual Immunity Challenge will occur between those four final castaways. The winner is the only person guaranteed a spot in the final three, but they also gain a lot of power by winning the challenge.

The final Immunity Challenge winner gets to award one person with a spot in the final three. Then, the two other people who are left have to battle it out in a Fire-Making Challenge. The person who can build a tall enough fire to burn through a rope is awarded the final slot in the top three.

How do they decide on the Survivor 42 winner?

Once the final three people have been decided, that fourth-place finisher will head over to join the Survivor 42 jury. And in the final segments of the season, the final three castaways then sit down to get judged by the eight-person jury.

The jury gets to ask questions of the final three people, statements are given by each person about why they feel they should be the Sole Survivor, and then the jury places their votes for who should win the $1 million.

And speaking of the Fire-Making Challenge, below is a video of the epic one that took place during Survivor 41.

For people who want to jump ahead, we have some Survivor 42 spoilers about who likely makes the final four. That information will be confirmed or disproven in the season finale.

And for anyone who really needs to know right now, we have some possible spoilers about the Survivor 42 winner.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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