Survivor 42 jury talks about Ponderosa, Omar calls it ‘uncomfotable’

Omar Zaheer Survivor 42
Omar Zaheer became the sixth member of the Survivor 42 jury. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor 42 jury spent a lot of time in Ponderosa during the latest season, even if videos of those moments weren’t released in the same fashion as past seasons.

Chanelle Howell, Drea Wheeler, Hai Giang, Omar Zaheer, Rocksroy Bailey, and Tori Meehan were the first six members of the Survivor 42 jury, and they took part in interviews ahead of the big season finale night.

Jonathan Young, Mike Turner, Maryanne Oketch, Lindsay Dolashewich, and Romeo Escobar made it to the final five on Survivor 42. Two of them will become members of the jury in the season finale. But since the show wanted to keep some mystery about who makes it to the final three, the last two members of the jury haven’t been interviewed yet.

As a reminder, the big three-hour Survivor 42 season finale airs on Wednesday, May 25, beginning with two hours of the show and concluding with the regular one-hour reunion show. It should be an exciting night for the viewers.

Omar Zaheer speaks about bad Ponderosa experience

“I would say that my Ponderosa experience was very uncomfortable. And um, you know, when you make moves the way that I did, you have to understand that it’s gonna come with some sort of heat,” Omar Zaheer told EW about how he felt when he arrived at Ponderosa.

“I just think that for some people, it went a little bit beyond that, and it was taken to a very personal level that was beyond the game that was kind of ugly, and it was not a pleasant experience necessarily,” Omar elaborated about his uncomfortable time at Ponderosa.

More Survivor 42 jury members speak about Ponderosa

When it came to stating what the best thing was about Ponderosa, Chanelle Howell told EW that it was the personal growth that she gained. Rocksroy Bailey said it was talking to native Fijians. Tori Meehan noted that she finally got to talk to people without having to deal with the lies being told about her in the game.

The first six jury members were also asked to reveal which member of the jury they felt played the best game. There were some very interesting answers, showing which people might have left the game with their confidence clearly intact.

Chanelle picked herself, Rocksroy went with Drea, Tori picked Omar, Hai went with Drea, Drea named Hai, and Omar also picked Hai. For the Survivor fans counting at home, that was two votes for Drea, two votes for Hai, one vote for Omar, and one vote for Chanelle.

The politics of Ponderosa revealed by Omar

“I think there was a chance I could win, but it’s hard to say because so much can happen between then and the end. And also, there’s a lot of Ponderosa politics that are at play,” Omar stated when asked if he thought he would win the support of the Survivor 42 jury if he had made it to the end.

“And so I think it really depends who you’re up against and how the final few days play out because the final few days are so intense and can really change perceptions very quickly as well,” Omar further elaborated.

More Survivor seasons are on the horizon

The next new season of Survivor is already filming, and we have a possible leaked Survivor 43 cast list.

It breaks down which people are on each tribe and how the new 18-person cast will look when the Survivor 43 episodes begin airing in Fall 2022.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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