Survivor 42 spoilers: Who is about to finish in sixth place?

Big Survivor 42 Challenge
Another big Survivor 42 challenge awaits the castaways. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 42 is down to its final six castaways, and one of them got to leave Fiji with the $1 million prize. Because the season was filmed last summer, that also led to the possibility that information would get leaked.

On the show’s last episode, Drea Wheeler was voted out at Tribal Council. It had seemed like Drea was swimming in advantages and that there was no way she would be eliminated, but she was on the wrong side of the big vote.

Following her elimination episode, Drea stated that she would have won had she made it to the final three. That’s a lot of confidence coming from her, and maybe she will get to show off what she has learned during a future season featuring returners.

But back to the issue at hand, where there are just two episodes of Survivor 42 left this spring. And that includes the three-hour season finale where someone will be named the Season 42 Sole Survivor.

Who gets voted out on Survivor 42’s next episode?

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, a purported boot list was leaked online this winter. It was unclear if there was any validity to the list, but it has continued to be correct each week. That means it might also predict who is about to finish in sixth place.

If the leaked Survivor 42 boot list is correct, it will be Omar Zaheer getting voted out at Tribal Council during the May 18 episode of the show. This would mean that Omar finished in sixth place shortly after he worked hard to eliminate Drea.

With Omar out of the game, that would leave just Jonathan Young, Mike Turner, Maryanne Oketch, Lindsay Dolashewich, and Romeo Escobar still competing on the show.

When is the Survivor 42 season finale?

The final episode for Survivor Season 42 arrives at 8/7c on Wednesday, May 25. It’s another three-hour event for the reality competition show, with the first two hours dedicated to gameplay and the last hour designed to wrap up the season.

Someone will be shown leaving Fiji with the $1 million prize, and host Jeff Probst finally gets to let Survivor fans know what happened.

During finale night, we will also likely learn more about Survivor 43, which is also being filmed in Fiji. That might be the time for CBS to reveal the theme and who is a part of the Survivor 43 cast. The new season is already in production, and it will air episodes in Fall 2022.

To catch up on episodes from the current season of Survivor or to re-watch classic episodes from the past, fans can use Paramount+ to stream.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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