Survivor 43 production has already begun in Fiji

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Jonathon Young and Lindsay Dolashewich were members of the Survivor 42 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor 43 cast has reportedly been flown out to Fiji, and production of the new season has already begun.

CBS is still airing episodes from the current season, with the final eight for Survivor 42 just revealed.

But the show must go on, and the network has already pre-ordered Survivor 43 and Survivor 44, so the production team needed to get back to work.

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For any Survivor fans who aren’t already aware of it, the current season starring Jonathan Young, Maryanne Oketch, and the rest of the Season 42 cast was filmed last season in Fiji. Now, the episodes are finally being shown.

Survivor 43 cast is already in Fiji

While we still don’t know the names of the Survivor 43 cast members, some very reliable sources have indicated that production has already begun. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are officially playing the game yet, but that sets are ready, filming of footage has begun, and the castaways are at least ready to go.

Below is a new video that cameraman Chuck Snyder shared.

Recently, Martin Holmes from Inside Survivor left a note on social media where he hinted that casting decisions had been made. And since then, Inside Survivor let its subscribers know that the cast flew out to Fiji.

“Good luck to the #Survivor 43 cast as they begin their journey!” Martin Holmes wrote on a Twitter post.

Martin Holmes Tweet
Survivor 43 news being shared. Pic credit: @RemondSurvivor/Twitter

More Survivor news and notes

The Survivor 43 cast has been able to watch all of Survivor 41 and most of Survivor 42, so they are well aware of the twists that were used this time around. It will likely force the producers to try something new with the castaways or revert to some older formats.

It looks like this new season will be made up entirely of new people as well, so that should be enjoyable for viewers who want to keep seeing new castaways getting a shot at that $1 million prize.

Once filming for Survivor 43 has been completed, they will jump right into the production of Survivor 44. The producers have been filming seasons back-to-back to cut down on costs, so it won’t be long until the Survivor 44 cast also makes its way out to Fiji.

The expectation is that Survivor 43 episodes will air in Fall 2022 on CBS and that the Survivor 44 episodes will then air in Spring 2023. There are several rumors about possible themes for Season 44, but nothing we have seen confirmed just yet.

For Survivor fans who want to jump ahead, here are some possible spoilers about the Survivor Season 42 winner.

Survivor 43 will air on CBS in Fall 2022.

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Annetta Bilbruck
Annetta Bilbruck
1 year ago

It seems more political now, than in the beginning. Kind of spoils the game when you notice it. Not the same, too much politics and changes that were not necessary. Puts me in mind of the scandal (highly covered) about Gordon Ramsey show in Australia. ( I’m sure here as well. That children were prepped beforehand for recipes and how to cook. Also, probably adults. Reminds me of the scandal in the ’50s game shows.
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