Survivor spoilers: Is Season 42 boot list correct?

Survivor 42 final 11
Survivor 42 was filmed in Fiji, and the final 11 appear here with host Jeff Probst. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor spoilers about the boot list for Season 42 might be correct this time around.

When it comes to the “boot order” or “boot list” for Survivor, we are talking about the order in which the castaways get eliminated from the show.

Survivor 41 spoilers turned out to be vastly incorrect when the boot list was compared to what actually took place on the show. It incorrectly predicted who would win in the end, with the surprising win going to Erika Casupanan.

This time around, though, it’s possible that the leaked information about the Survivor 42 cast may end up being correct. And that might lead to a really interesting season finale in late May.

Survivor spoilers about the Season 42 boot list

Any Survivor fans who don’t want to know who the Survivor 42 winner might be this May should enjoy some of the other great articles on Monsters and Critics. Feel free to keep reading for anyone who wants to know who the possible Sole Survivor is this time.

Weeks ago, the speculated boot order leaked, and it stated that Jackson Fox would be the first person eliminated, followed by Zach, Marya, and Jenny (in that order). Those names all turned out to be 100 percent correct.

It also stated that the next three people would be Swati, Daniel, and then Lydia through the Hourglass Twist. All of those names also turned out to be correct, suggesting heavily that the leaked Survivor 42 boot list might all be correct.

After getting voted out, Lydia Meredith did an extended interview where she spoke about how surprised she was to be the one going home on the two-hour episode.

Who wins Survivor 42?

According to the leaked Survivor spoilers, the final four castaways are going to be Jonathan Young, Mike Turner, Romeo Escobar, and Maryanne Oketch.

Jonathan is rumored to lose the Fire Challenge, putting Romeo, Mike, and Maryanne in the final three spots for the Survivor 42 jury to vote upon.

If the rumors are correct, then Maryanne Oketch is going to become the Survivor 42 winner, taking with her a nice $1 million prize for her efforts. That could be something that makes a lot of Survivor fans excited, but it could also frustrate the fans who haven’t enjoyed her strong personality on the show.

But are these Survivor spoilers really correct after the merge? We will start finding out if Chanelle Howell becomes the next person out. And until it all plays out, take all of this information with a grain of salt.

Below is the full rumored boot list that has been shared on Reddit.

Survivor 42 boot list
The Survivor 42 rumored boot list. Pic credit: @SeaSideKingDumb/Reddit

CBS has already scheduled the Survivor 42 three-hour finale, and it should be a fun event for fans to watch. We can also start looking forward to Survivor 43 and Survivor 44, as CBS ordered two more seasons of the show to begin filming soon.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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