Survivor 42 season finale date: Three-hour episode scheduled by CBS

Survivor Challenge Season 42
Season 42 of Survivor has more twists and turns to come. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A Survivor 42 season finale date was just revealed by CBS, letting fans know when we will all learn the name of the latest Sole Survivor.

The season that is currently airing on CBS was filmed during Summer 2021, right after the Survivor 41 season finished up.

After Erika Casupanan was named the Survivor 41 winner, host Jeff Probst immediately got back to work, and filming started up for the next season.

Now, Survivor fans are watching the shortened season, which only took 26 days to film in Fiji. The length of the competition is just one of the many similarities that Season 41 and Season 42 are going to showcase.

When is the Survivor 42 season finale date?

CBS is going to air the Survivor Season 42 finale on Wednesday, May 25. It is a three-hour event that begins at 8/7c, allowing fans to see how things played out at the jury vote and then watch the castaways share their feelings about what just happened.

It’s great news that the end of the Spring 2022 season of Survivor is so far off because it means there are still a lot of new episodes left to air before we close this particular chapter.

A quick Survivor Season 42 recap

Four episodes of Survivor 42 aired in March 2022, revealing the first five people to be eliminated from the game. During those four episodes, just nine days of gameplay was displayed, with a quick pace very obvious to the Survivor fans watching at home.

The first five people to be eliminated were Jackson Fox, Zach Wurtenberger, Marya Sherron, Jenny Kim, and Swati Goel.

Jackson was sent home first due to a medical situation, but the other four castaways were eliminated through Tribal Council votes.

And within those first nine days, there was even a challenge that Jeff Probst had to halt due to how dangerous it was to the castaways. That challenge was also the moment that Jonathan Young became a Survivor legend.

Regarding Jonathan, he may become a big target, especially due to how much he has been carrying his tribe. During Episode 4, quite a few other castaways gave him flattering nicknames, showing that they definitely view him as a big threat in the game.

As a reminder, all past episodes of Survivor can be streamed using Paramount+. That’s an easy way to get caught up on the current season for any Survivor fans who may have missed an episode or two.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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