Jeff Probst speaks about shutting down dangerous Survivor 42 challenge

Survivor 42 Immunity Challenge
A really intense Immunity Challenge took place on Survivor 42, Episode 3. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 42 host Jeff Probst had to step in during a challenge that took place on the latest episode, showing just how dangerous it can be to do a reality competition show on an island.

The three tribes were competing in an Immunity Challenge that required them to be in ocean water that was up to their necks. When a sudden and extended series of waves started coming in, the castaways were getting pushed underwater and out into the ocean.

In an amazing performance, Jonathan Young was able to carry a heavy ladder out of the water by himself and then went back to help carry his tribemates out as well. It led to his tribe becoming the only one to completely finish the challenge.

Back on land, Jeff was watching as the remaining two tribes struggled to even keep from drowning, and they definitely weren’t making any progress in completing the challenge. Jeff then called the tribes out of the water and back to the beach, while having the production team go out and retrieve the keys the castaways had been working to get.

Jeff Prost speaks about the dangerous Survivor 42 challenge

“If you’ve never been in those conditions in the ocean, it’s hard to adequately describe the feeling. But it can quickly become a panic situation because you are struggling to get a breath that doesn’t include a mouthful of saltwater,” Jeff Probst said in an interview about the Immunity Challenge on Survivor 42, Episode 3.

“You’re trying to keep your head above water, but the swells consume you. Your fight or flight reflex kicks in and it can feel overwhelming. In other words, for the players struggling, there was nothing fun about it. That was real effort, real exhaustion, real fear,” Jeff added when explaining just how rough the conditions were in the water that day.

And while further explaining what the players were experiencing in the water, Jeff said that “You are working as hard as you can to withstand the push and pull of the ocean, which leads to exhaustion which only amplifies the panic.”

Survivor 42 doing well with fans, TV viewers

Episode 3 of the season had nearly everything, including a lot of drama about a Hidden Immunity Idol one of the tribes was dealing with. And the way it ended with a unique and tense Tribal Council certainly added to the entertainment of the latest installment.

In fact, Survivor was the most-watched TV show on Wednesday, showing that a lot of die-hard fans are still excited about tuning in each week. Those early numbers also don’t count the viewers who watch it through DVRs or stream the episodes later in the week.

The latest viewership numbers might not be as impressive as when the show first started out, but drawing millions of viewers each week and winning its timeslot on March 23 is still really good for a reality competition show.

For Survivor fans who haven’t heard yet, CBS has already ordered Survivor 43 and Survivor 44 to go into production.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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