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Some Survivor fans react negatively to Maryanne Oketch winning

Maryanne Won Survivor 42
The Survivor 42 winner is Maryanne Oketch. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Maryanne Oketch was revealed as the Survivor 42 winner on Wednesday night, bringing to a close the latest season of the show. Many Survivor fans cheered on the results, but there are some Survivor fans who have expressed a lot of frustrations with how it turned out.

Over the three hours of finale night, we saw Mike Turner win an intense Final Five Challenge, Romeo Escobar win the final Immunity Challenge of the season, and then Mike best Jonathan Young in the Fire-Making Challenge.

Romeo, Maryanne, and Mike then stated their cases to the Survivor 42 jury, with each of them hoping that their resume was strong enough to leave the game with the $1 million prize. The jury asked some tough questions, and from what we saw, it appeared that Mike was contentious with the jury, while Maryanne won them over.

By a vote of 7-1, Maryanne Oketch was the Survivor 42 winner over Mike Turner. Jonathan Young was the only person to vote for Mike, and Romeo finished in third place with no jury votes.

Some Survivor fans react negatively to Maryanne winning

“Lame 2 years in a row #2 wins. Plus I’m sick of everyone being so dam happy about getting voted out. It’s not personal most of the time but you shouldn’t be happy about it,” Mark G posted as a comment on Survivor congratulating Maryanne for winning.

Mark G On Maryanne Winning Survivor
Mark G wasn’t happy with the Survivor 42 results. Pic credit: @mag8204/Twitter

“Last 2 seasons have been the worse ever! Not going to watch anymore if this format keeps up. Just going to go back and watch all the old seasons over. Seasons one through 40, here I come to watch. The great season formats!!” a Twitter user named ChynaCat wrote about the Survivor 42 results.

ChynaCat On Maryanne Winning Survivor
Another Twitter user was unhappy with the new era Survivor. Pic credit: @cat_chyna/Twitter

“I guess you can check another box off. First black female winner. Not deserving of it at all but you made the BLM crowd happy,” James Helm wrote as his reaction to what had happened.

James Helm Survivor Comment
One Survivor fan had to reference BLM in a reaction. Pic credit: @JamesHe50153818/Twitter

Some Survivor fans complaining about ‘woke’ seasons

“Play the race card an you win. So glad this wokefest is over. Survivor needs to think about how to keep viewers instead of driving them away. The race issue needs to be addressed. Maryanne should not have won. #Maryanne @JeffProbst @MarkBurnettTV,” a Twitter user going by the name Donna Brady wrote about the ending.

Brady On Maryanne Winning Survivor
A Survivor fan felt the need to call it a “woke” season. Pic credit: @dare2beeme/Twitter

“Nobody cares anymore. #woke,” a social media user going by the name Ellen wrote.

Complaint Of Woke Survivor
Another user comparing Survivor to “woke” in a post. Pic credit: @HomeWithHeart/Twitter

Survivor 43 on the way for Fall 2022 season

The filming for a new season of the show has begun, and we have some leaked Survivor 43 cast bios here. It is interesting to look at the way the tribes break down for the new installment that will arrive on CBS in Fall 2022.

In sad news from the show, former Survivor cast member Clay Jordan died. He played the game during a season in Thailand, finishing as the runner-up for the year.

Survivor 43 airs on CBS in Fall 2022.

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  1. I have watched Survivor since the first season.I didn’t like the format this year. In the past a person won on what they did on the show,I didn’t see Maryanne do much the whole season.I probably won’t watch next season.

  2. I was wanting Drea to win until she pull the race card. Which was utterly stupid. They both was walking in prepared to use their idols anyway. Rocks being voted out had nothing to do with race. Maryann should have been voted out a long time ago. She did nothing. I big move doesn’t equate to becoming the winner.

  3. Worst season yet. Mike or Jonathan should have won. We all know why she won because it wasn’t anything that had to do with playing game.

  4. Watched every episode since it started with Hatch. Am 83 years old, and this is the worst award of the prize money ever. Again, racial profiling against the better people. Seems like these reality are stafed lately.

  5. The last two seasons have been so disappointing! They just voted someone as a winner not because she deserved it but because of her skin color . Sad! We are done with survivor!


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