Survivor 42: Who did fans pick as the best player of the season?

Survivor Finale Party
The newest Survivor winner was recently revealed on CBS. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 42 revealed its winner recently, with Maryanne Oketch emerging as the person who left Fiji $1 million richer.

There were a few disgruntled fans, though, and some Survivor viewers had very negative things to say about Maryanne and her victory.

Since the finale episode aired, a poll has been taking place among fans of the show who enjoy sharing their opinions on the castaways. The poll has allowed viewers to vote on who they felt was the best player from Season 42.

It’s not exactly a scientific poll, because it relies upon people who want to have their voices heard after the season has been completed. This means that people who were pleased about Maryanne winning are also less likely to look for an outlet to share a differing opinion.

Survivor fans vote for their favorite player on Season 42

According to this new Survivor fan poll at Inside Survivor, 49.57 percent of respondents feel that Jonathan Young was the best player this past season. At the time of this article, 19.63 percent picked Maryanne, 13.39 percent picked Omar Zaheer, and 10.92 percent went with Lindsay Dolashewich. So far.

Survivor Poll
A poll on the best player from Survivor 42 is underway. Pic credit: Inside Survivor

These numbers definitely underscore how popular Jonathan has been among Survivor fans this season, and that he is very likely to be someone that Jeff Probst and the rest of the show’s producers invite back for another season (or two). Could Jonathan become a future Survivor winner with the right alliance?

Survivor 43 news and notes

A new season of Survivor is already filming. In fact, the first Survivor 43 TV promo was released, giving fans of the show a brief look at what will happen when the Fall 2022 season debuts.

Earlier, a leaked list of Survivor 43 cast members popped up, revealing the 18 people who are rumored to be on this new season. It also shows which tribes each person is reportedly on.

It’s still going to be a while until the new episodes arrive in (likely) September 2022, though, so we will have to temper our excitement a bit for the time being.

For Survivor fans who want to watch past seasons of the show to look back on some of the best players the game has seen, all previous seasons can be streamed on Paramount+. It’s also an interesting way to look back at Season 42 episodes and see how Jonathan and Maryanne looked in the early part of the season.

For anyone who hasn’t heard the sad news yet, Survivor alum Clay Jordan died recently. He played on the season that was filmed in Thailand.

Survivor 43 airs on CBS during Fall 2022.

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Monty Ray
Monty Ray
9 months ago

Survivor isn’t “Survivor” anymore! It id a personality contest!

9 months ago

It’s the last time I watch this show. Terrible outcome. AGAIN.