Survivor 43 promo gives a good look at new cast

CBS gives Survivor fans a look at Season 43.
Jeff Probst is back as the host for Survivor 43 in Fiji. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 43 footage has been released in an extended TV promo designed to create buzz. It has worked so far, with Survivor fans looking forward to seeing what the new castaways can do in Fiji.

Recently, a leaked list of Survivor 43 cast members came out, which gives everyone a look at who might be playing the game this time around. It also breaks them down into tribes.

Even though Maryanne Oketch was just crowned the Survivor 42 winner, the next season is already deep into filming. The intent is for episodes to be ready to begin airing in September 2022 on CBS.

And now we have some action shots to go along with the faces that were already leaked. There are definitely some interesting stories surfacing from just these first few clips of Survivor 43, and it will be interesting to see who emerges from them as the next Sole Survivor.

Survivor 43 TV promo released by CBS

Below is the first extended footage that has been released of the Survivor 43 cast. The season is currently being filmed in Fiji, and all of these shots are likely from events that we will see in the first few new episodes this fall.

Survivor 44 to begin filming soon as well

As soon as the Survivor 43 cast is done filming in Fiji, the expectation is that producers will jump right into Survivor 44. The production team has been filming seasons back to back in order to save on time and money, so it certainly makes sense for that to happen again here.

There had been some rumors about the Survivor 44 cast having some sort of theme attached to it, but nothing has been confirmed by CBS or the show producers. It’s possible that it could be a second-chance season, meaning the potential return of some people we have seen on Survivor 41, Survivor 42, or Survivor 43. Stay tuned.

It’s going to be a while until the Survivor 43 episodes begin airing, but the new season will be slotted on Wednesday nights at 8/7c in the fall. Until then, Survivor fans can go back and watch all past seasons of the show by streaming them on Paramount+.

And for anyone who hasn’t heard yet, Survivor alum Clay Jordan died recently. He took part in the season filmed in Thailand.

Survivor 43 airs on CBS during Fall 2022.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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