Survivor finale: Time, format, and everything else you need to know

Survivor 42 Final Five Challenge
The Survivor 42 final five challenge is going to be an intense one on finale night. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor finale time has arrived for the Season 42 cast, and it is time for the viewers at home to learn who won the $1 million prize in Fiji. It’s going to be an exciting night for the show, with host Jeff Probst leading the way in primetime.

The Survivor 42 cast filmed their season of the show during Summer 2021, with everything taking place right after Survivor 41 had been completed. Since the seasons were filmed back to back, the producers were able to use a lot of the same twists and themes.

This season started out in a pretty dramatic fashion, as Jackson Fox was medically eliminated by the producers when it was determined that he had not revealed all of his medical history. Later on that same episode, Zach Wurtenberger was voted off the show.

Now, we are at the end of the line for the latest 26-day season of Survivor, which has certainly been a big shift from the regular 39 days that the show was in the past. And there are sure to be some exciting moments for the show to relay to the fans.

Survivor finale time and date

The Survivor finale for Season 42 begins at 8/7c on Wednesday, May 25. It is going to be a three-hour night for the program, with CBS giving its reality competition show all three primetime hours to reveal the results.

How does the Survivor 42 season finale work?

Survivor splits its season finale into two primary segments, beginning with two hours of gameplay that will provide new footage of the castaways in action. Then, during the third hour, a reunion show takes place, where the results are revealed and the participants talk about how the season went.

Everything was filmed in Fiji for Survivor Season 42, so we are going to see the immediate reactions from the final three people and the jury, right after Jeff Probst reads off the votes.

Getting to the final three on Survivor 42

Jonathan Young, Lindsay Dolashewich, Maryanne Oketch, Mike Turner, and Romeo Escobar made it to the final five on Survivor 42. They will all take part in a massive final five competition that will help determine who makes it to the final four.

At the final four, the final Individual Immunity Challenge will take place, with one person earning a spot in the final three. The winner of that final challenge then decides which person gets to go with them to the end, and which two people have to participate in the Fire-Making Challenge. The person who builds their fire the quickest earns the last spot in the final three.

Once the final three castaways are set, they will appeal to the eight-person jury as to why they deserve to become the $1 million winner in Fiji. It will be very interesting to hear their arguments and also to learn the reasons that the jury picks its winner.

Ahead of the big finale night, the Survivor 42 jury members spoke about their time in Ponderosa. It is also worth noting that Omar Zaheer did not have a good time there. 

For fans who want to look ahead to the next season, we have a possible leaked cast list for Survivor 43 here. It includes the bios and which tribe each person is reportedly on.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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