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Sia Award for Survivor 42 given out to unsuspecting castaway

Survivor Jury Season 42
A member of the Survivor 42 jury ended up becoming the Sia Award winner. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 42’s Sia Award winner was revealed this past week, with one of the castaways getting a nice $100,000 prize from the pop singer. A long-time fan of the show, Sia loves gifting her favorite contestants with money based on how they played the game.

It was Maryanne Oketch who was named the Survivor 42 winner, with the jury overwhelmingly voting for her over Mike Turner and Romeo Escobar on finale night.

The viewers had a different opinion, though, as Survivor fans voted for a different person as their favorite castaway of the season. It raised an interesting debate among fans about how the game was played this time around.

And as for Sia, she picked an entirely different person as well, going with someone evicted much earlier to win that $100,000 prize that she has been giving out to a number of castaways over the years.

Who did the Sia Award go to on Survivor 42?

It was revealed that Sia picked Drea Wheeler to win the cash prize this season. Drea finished in seventh place on the season, becoming a member of the jury who would eventually vote for Maryanne on the big day.

Below is a video that was shared where Drea learns from Sia herself that she has been selected as the winner. Sia then explains why she went with Drea, and the former castaways winds up in tears due to all of the compliments.

Another season of Survivor is coming

Now that Season 42 of Survivor is in the books, it is time to really start looking forward to the next season. CBS plans to air Survivor 43 during Fall 2022, with episodes airing on Wednesday nights again.

A possible leaked Survivor 43 cast list has already been revealed, giving an early look at the 18 new people who are likely to be showcased on CBS very soon.

There was also a lengthy Survivor 43 TV promo released, letting fans of the show get a sneak peek at how Fiji treated the new castaways. It looks like a grueling season that should be very entertaining to watch.

And as an important piece of news, the Survivor 43 season is a short one, proving that the 39-day seasons may indeed be a thing of the past.

To go back and watch Drea Wheeler playing on Survivor 42, fans can stream all episodes from her season on Paramount+.

Survivor 43 airs on CBS during Fall 2022.

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