Survivor winner Maryanne Oketch gets engaged to Konner Howell

Maryanne Oketch
Maryanne Oketch appeared on Survivor 42. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Maryanne Oketch is now engaged.

Survivor fans met Maryanne when she burst onto the scene during Season 42.

The energetic and outspoken castaway became a fan favorite due to the smile that rarely left her face.

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That same energy caused her to be an outsider in her tribe, and she had to fight hard to survive the merge.

She was the key to a blindside against Omar Zaheer late in the season and found her way to a one-sided vote at the Final Tribal Council.

Maryanne beat Mike Turner on a 7-1 vote, taking home the $1 million prize for becoming the Sole Survivor.

Engagement announced by Maryanne Oketch

Maryanne recently took to social media to announce she has become engaged to Konner Howell.

The couple began dating in April 2022, and Maryanne joked about being late to their first date.

In a fun post on Instagram, Maryanne said she checked off two goals in life. Those goals were to win Survivor and get a man.

“I am beyond THRILLED to enter this next chapter of life with you!” Maryanne wrote to Konner on Instagram.

A post was also made on Twitter, where Maryanne shared photos from their engagement and her time on Survivor.

“So excited to spend the next chapter of my life with you,” Maryanne wrote in that post.

Many people have left notes of congratulations for the couple, including Survivor alum Carson Garrett and Big Brother alum Cliff Hogg.

Maryanne Comments Survivor
Supportive comments from followers of Maryanne Oketch. Pic credit: @maryanneoketch/Twitter

Kenneth was a Survivor fan before meeting Maryanne

Maryanne’s season of Survivor aired on CBS in Spring 2022.

During press for that season, she noted that she had begun dating someone as the episodes aired.

“After the episode aired, there was someone who reached out to me. He reached out before kind of, but nothing happened. And after I confessed my love for skinny white guys, he reached out again,” Maryanne told Entertainment Weekly.

“He was more personable, so we got to chatting and then, you know, we basically started talking and we never stopped and he actually was here for the finale party. So he got to experience that with me,” Maryanne added.

And the rest is history. Now Maryanne and Kenneth are on a path to get married.

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Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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