Jeff Probst is frustrated that Survivor 45 quitter didn’t ‘own it’

Jeff Probst Fiji
Jeff Probst is enjoying the New Era of Survivor. Pic credit: CBS

Lulu Tribe sure seems cursed.

Four original members of Lulu have been eliminated so far on Survivor 45.

And the season has only had four Tribal Councils.

But what has Survivor fans upset is two people quitting the show.

Hannah Rose quit during the first Tribal Council.

And Sean Edwards quit during the most recent episode.

Hannah Rose revealed why she quit, giving some answers about her early exit.

Sean’s intentional exit was shocking because he was about to be safe through a blindside vote.

Jeff Probst talks about Sean quitting Survivor 45

“Sifu was going home,” Jeff Probst stated about Survivor 45, Episode 4.

Sean quitting came up during a new episode of On Fire. Jeff discussed what was about to happen at the fateful Tribal Council before Sean quit.

But what happened? Why did Sean suddenly talk about missing his husband and then tell people to vote him out?

Jeff thinks it might be because of a question he asked, which might have made Sean feel he was at risk.

The question was about Sean’s journey and what he got from the show.

Jeff felt that Sean crafted a narrative to quit and that he engineered the situation during Tribal Council.

“I gotta be honest. I think Sean tried to craft a narrative that worked for him,” Jeff stated.

“Sean wasn’t exhausted. He wasn’t worried about food or bad sleeping. This was a sudden discovery, as in, that exact moment at tribal, he realized, ‘Whoa. Hang on. I think I got what I needed. I’m good. Thanks so much,'” Jeff elaborated.

“I know you miss your husband, but the people deciding to stay and play the game and live out this dream don’t love their loved ones any less,” Jeff added.

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Sean Edwards did address quitting in his exit interview. He spoke about his regrets and disagreed with Jeff’s assessment of that day.

Since Sean quit, he won’t be part of the show moving forward. Regarding his statement about “quitting” Survivor because he missed his husband, Sean still had to stay in Fiji until the season ended.

Previous episodes of Survivor 45 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Producers are also looking for Survivor 47 applicants. Here is a link to the application.

That new season is expected to film between early May and early July 2024.

Survivor 46 has completed filming, and episodes will air on CBS this spring.

Survivor 45 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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