Hannah Rose reveals why she quit Survivor in new exit interview

Hannah Rose Survivor
Hannah Rose appeared on the Survivor 45 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor 45 season premiere featured a castaway who wanted to be sent home.

Hannah Rose joined the show with energy to spare, but the lack of food did her in quickly.

At the first Survivor 45 Tribal Council, Hannah urged her tribe to vote her out.

There were murmurs of going in a different direction, but Hannah alluded to quitting if they kept her around.

A surprised Jeff Probst did a vocal vote instead of using parchment paper, and Hannah got voted off the island.

There has been backlash about Hannah taking a spot away from someone who wanted to play. And she has been answering questions about her brief Survivor journey.

Hannah Rose shares her Survivor 45 story

“What happened is, first and foremost, hunger,” Hannah told Dalton Ross from Entertainment Weekly.

He asked her, “What happened?” after she had been so excited to play the game.

“I couldn’t possibly anticipate what it would feel like after days,” Hannah elaborated.

Lulu Tribe was forced to live without a flint, a pot for boiling water, or a machete. It meant scrambling to find nourishment before they could compete for it again.

“What you didn’t see was trying to open coconuts with a machete and having zero food at all. Not having a shelter, and it monsooning for almost 24 hours. I mean, my toenails almost fell off,” Hanah later stated.

Hannah also noted that she “didn’t sleep one minute” while in the game, making it even harder to keep her energy levels up.

Hannah also mentioned that she had never experienced sleep deprivation before Survivor, and the lack of sleep hit her very hard.

The interview also touches on the internet backlash Hannah has faced. Hannah doesn’t believe she took someone else’s spot and wanted to be there before that fateful Tribal Council.

Below is Hannah’s full interview from Entertainment Weekly, and it is well worth watching. It provides more depth to her early Survivor exit.

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9 months ago

did she even do any research thats part of the game all i see is whinning and something she should have considered before going on the show there have been way worse seasons and players didnt quit what a baby did she even pay attention to what she watched before taking someones spot. hunger no equipment monsoones is part of the game no sympthay for her shouldn’t even get her torched snuffed