Survivor’s Sean Edwards addresses regrets for quitting

Sean Edwards Survivor
Sean Edwards was the fourth person eliminated on Survivor 45. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Another Survivor 45 cast member has quit the show.

Sean Edwards had a rough time in Fiji, but his game ended badly.

An original member of the Lulu Tribe, Sean experienced many early losses.

Sean had to attend the first three Tribal Councils and watched as three of his fellow tribe members got eliminated.

Hannah Rose was the first to go when she quit on the first episode. Brandon Donlon followed her out with a one-sided vote on the second episode.

Sean found himself on the wrong side of a blindside vote when Sabiyah Broderick was voted out on the third episode.

Sean Edwards gets a new life with a new tribe

A component of the fourth episode of Survivor 45 was the tribe swap.

Lulu had lost three members, and Jeff Probst revealed it was time to drop those buffs.

Sean wound up with the Reba Tribe, putting him in a position to escape getting targeted by Kaleb Gebrewold and Emily Flippen.

Kaleb stayed on Lulu, while Emily ended up on Belo.

Sean was given a difficult task, though. Reba kept four original members (Sifu, Julie, J. Maya, and Dee). But if they won the Immunity Challenge, Sean could avoid the Tribal Council.

Reba lost the Immunity Challenge, sending them to meet Jeff Probst for the first time.

But rather than help pull off a blindside, Sean had other plans when he saw Jeff (again) at Tribal Council.

Sean quits Survivor at Tribal Council

“I’ll be honest with myself and with everyone else that there definitely is a intense feeling of regret,” Sean told Dalton Ross in a new interview.

Sean was speaking about his decision to quit during the fateful Tribal Council. He also talked about needing to come to terms with that decision.

Below is a brief video clip of Sean addressing Dalton’s question about quitting. In the full interview, Dalton also asked Sean why he talked about spending time with his husband when he had to go to Ponderosa.

“You go to Ponderosa to be with the other folks that were voted out,” Sean said to Sean about his Survivor exit.

“That wasn’t it at all [seeing his husband]. It was that Survivor had fulfilled its purpose for me, and I realized that what I expected to get out of Survivor, my whole intention of going was not something that was a reasonable ask. And so again, I felt very at peace with my decision in that moment,” Sean answered.

Hannah Rose revealed why she quit Survivor. But many fans remain frustrated with her choice.

That sentiment may continue toward Sean Edwards after he became the second person to quit in the first four weeks of Survivor 45.

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