Survivor 41 confirmed for fall 2021, Jeff Probst releases preview video

Survivor Back In Action
A new season of Survivor is coming to CBS in the fall of 2021. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor 41 is on the fall 2021 schedule at CBS, confirming that the reality competition show is coming back with new episodes.

This is all great news because even though filming for Survivor Season 41 had resumed, there were still some worries about the production team being able to film a full season in Fiji.

Now, we have the confirmation directly from CBS, including the news that Survivor will be returning to Wednesday nights at 8/7c in the fall. In that regard, not much will change about the show.

We do expect some formatting changes to the show itself, including the recent Survivor rumor that the show will be shorter than a regular season. That could shake things up quite a bit.

The additional great news is that this is going to be an entirely new group of castaways with no returners playing the game this time.

Jeff Probst teases Survivor 41 with new video

In addition to confirming that Survivor is on the fall 2021 television schedule, CBS released a video starring host Jeff Probst that is designed to create a lot of buzz for the upcoming season.

Shared below, this new Survivor hype video has Jeff talking about what’s to come and how this could end up being one of the most difficult seasons that the castaways have ever seen.

“We are super pumped for Survivor 41,” Jeff opens the video by stating. “It is a brand new game. Fast-paced. Super dangerous. Very difficult to win. And absolutely entertaining to watch. Fans are gonna love it.”

What is the Survivor 41 start date?

Some new information was posted online about when the new Big Brother season will come to an end. That’s important because typically the season finale date for Big Brother ends up being the same night as the Survivor season premiere.

If CBS sticks with that same schedule and the online information turns out to be correct, then the Survivor 41 start date is Wednesday, September 29. This information has not yet been confirmed by CBS or the producers at Survivor, so take it with a grain of salt. At the same time, getting Survivor 41 started on the final Wednesday night of September does make sense.

More great news includes that the filming of Survivor 41 may be complete, so all that is needed now is for the production crew to finish editing and preparing the episodes for the fall 2021 television season. After a wait of more than a year, it will be great to have a new season of Survivor finally debuting.

As for Survivor 42, there have been some issues with the production of that season. It was recently reported that due to a Fiji travel ban, production on Survivor 42 was getting delayed. We hope that everything clears up and that the team can get the Survivor 42 cast playing the game.

If everything can get done in time, Survivor 42 would air during spring 2022 on CBS. It would also allow the network to get back to airing two seasons of Survivor during a single television season.

Survivor 41 will air on Wednesday nights in fall 2021 on CBS.

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