Survivor 41 rumors: New season might be a lot shorter

Michele Survivor 40 Fire
We could soon be learning the names of the Survivor 41 cast members. Pic credit: CBS

Some Survivor 41 rumors have popped up that could definitely change the game. And there has been a very mixed reaction from fans who have seen the buzzing on social media.

This new rumor indicates that the Survivor 41 season could be shortened to just 29 days of competing. That would be a huge change, as seasons typically last 39 days. In fact, that 39-day total has become a widely known fact that nearly every fan of the show knows about.

According to fan site Inside Survivor, a source revealed this change and stated that it would be “at least 10 days shorter” than a usual season. This could mean that Survivor 41 is even shorter than 29 days, but we hope that’s not the case.

Shifting the season from 39 days down to just 29 or fewer days would change a lot about the show’s format. It would shift how filming is carried out, how often the castaways are taking part in challenges, and just how much effort it would take to make it to the end of the season.

CBS has not yet confirmed this bit of information, but Inside Survivor has always been a reliable source of information about the game.

This is one time, though, that we really hope that the source of this information is wrong, simply because of how drastic this change would be for the competitors.

Why would Survivor 41 be shorter?

Jeff Probst recently announced that production was resuming on a new season of Survivor. This came after months of questions about the future of the show.

Production for Survivor 41 and Survivor 42 had to be delayed multiple times due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was made more difficult due to Fiji closing off its borders from filming. With the production team ready to go again, though, there are also new policies to ensure the safety of the cast and crew.

One of the policies is that people have to be quarantined 14 days before they begin working/appearing on the show. That’s 14 days of costs that are going into the show before the filming even begins. It could be due to that added cost and delay that the production team felt the need to shorten the season.

Since it has become customary to film seasons back-to-back now, shorter seasons with all of the added safety protocols would be easier to finish up and air on CBS.

When is Survivor 41 start date?

CBS has not yet released its primetime schedule for the fall of 2021, but we expect Survivor Season 41 to be on it. Provided that there are no additional problems as they film it in Fiji, that should give the team plenty of time to edit and prepare it for the television audience.

The expectation is that Survivor 42 would then air in the spring of 2022, getting things back to normal at the network.

When we learn the specific Survivor 41 start date, we will make sure to pass it on. For now, we will just sit back and enjoy the fact that Survivor is returning soon, even if it does end up being a shorter version.

Survivor is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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2 years ago

will the new variant that is in fiji affect the filming of surivior 41 (spring) and season 42