Survivor 42 delayed: New cast impacted by Fiji travel ban

Survivor 40 Cast Waiting
Fans will have to patiently wait for the Survivor 42 cast to finally begin filming. Pic credit: CBS

The Survivor 42 cast has reportedly been unable to travel to Fiji for filming, which has caused delays in the production of a new season.

Survivor 42 was intended to be the spring 2022 season on CBS, with the network working hard to film back-to-back seasons in Fiji.

Currently, it looks like Survivor 41 is still on schedule to debut in the fall of 2021, but after that, it is unclear when the next season of the show can even be filmed.

Delays are something that Survivor fans have grown used to after the past year. Originally, Survivor Season 41 was supposed to air in the fall of 2020, but that didn’t happen due to the coronavirus pandemic. And more than a year after initial delays, the reality competition show is reportedly going through some new issues.

Fiji bans air travel

According to a report from fan site Inside Survivor, “a second outbreak of the highly infectious Indian COIVD-19 variant over the past two weeks has seen the government impose new restrictions, including a ban on air travel in and out of the country.”

What this means is that the Survivor 42 cast has been unable to even fly to Fiji, let alone begin its quarantine in preparation for filming. It means production has already been delayed and there is no clear end in sight for it.

Survivor 42 could still air in spring 2022

Even though there are currently issues with traveling to Fiji, it’s still possible that Survivor Season 42 could begin airing in January or February of 2022. There is still enough time left on the calendar to get the filming and production of that season completed, so we aren’t in the territory of cancellations just yet.

It’s worrisome that Fiji is now dealing with a variant of COVID-19, though, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the delays continue. There might even be questions about whether or not the Survivor 41 cast can fly out of Fiji once the current season has been completed.

Survivor 41 appears to still be on schedule

The bit of good news in the entire situation is that it appears that filming of Survivor Season 41 is continuing. Host Jeff Probst recently announced that things were back on schedule in Fiji, so, hopefully, everything continues without any hitches.

Provided the filming and production can be completed on Survivor 41, we expect the new season to debut in September of 2021 on CBS. Fans have waited a long time to see new content from the show, so we are all hoping for great things from the Survivor 41 cast.

Survivor is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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