Jeff Probst celebrates Survivor anniversary in Fiji with message to the fans

Jeff Probst Survivor Tease
Jeff Probst is back to host another season of Survivor. Pic credit: CBS

Jeff Probst celebrated the 21st anniversary of Survivor by sharing a video from Fiji.

Shared below, the video is live from Fiji, suggesting that Jeff was in the middle of filming part of Survivor 42, with the intent for CBS to air that season in the spring of 2022.

CBS recently announced that Survivor 41 is on the fall 2021 schedule, so we could be seeing new episodes as early as September. A survivor 41 cast list has also been posted online by a fan site claiming to have inside information.

Filming for Survivor 41 has already been completed, and now the producers just have to get things edited in order for the new season to debut in the fall. As has been the case for many recent seasons of the show, they are filming them back-to-back, so the Survivor 42 cast may already be in action. Unless, of course, Jeff pre-recorded this new message to share on the anniversary?

Jeff Probst celebrates Survivor in Fiji

“Greetings from Fiji,” Jeff says as he starts the video. “Where it is cold, and rainy, and windy, and we are shooting Survivor. In fact, we are just a few minutes away from shooting a challenge. I stepped away so I don’t give anything away because I wanted to be a part of celebrating that it was 21 years ago, May 31st, 2000, that we premiered our first season.”

“It’s crazy that we are back out here still shooting. We love it, and it’s directly because of you guys,” Jeff continued.

Later, Jeff also spoke about how excited he is to share Survivor Season 41 with the fans.

“I can’t believe it’s been 21 years since the series premiere of @survivorcbs. I wanted to find time today to recognize all the loyal fans for the continued support, we would not be going 21 years strong without you. Thank you, I can’t wait for you to see S41 on @CBS in the fall,” Jeff captioned the video below.

Survivor 41 and Survivor 42 coming soon to CBS

It is expected that the Survivor 41 season premiere will air on the same date as the Big Brother 23 season finale, and that is projected to be on the last Wednesday of September.

Since all indications are that Survivor 41 already finished filming, it really looks like host Jeff Probst is currently working with the Survivor 42 cast. That could be great news because there had been some delays with getting the Survivor 42 cast to Fiji. If they are already playing the game, then the season should be finished in plenty of time to air in the spring of 2022 on CBS.

It’s going to be very nice to have Survivor back on the CBS schedule after more than a year of being absent. Following the end of Survivor 40: Winners at War, the world basically shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. It meant no filming of new Survivor episodes and it took a while for the production team to get back to Fiji.

When CBS releases an official Survivor 41 start date and an official cast list for Season 41, we will make sure to pass it on.

Survivor 41 debuts in the fall of 2021 on CBS.

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