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Survivor 41 cast members revealed by long-time fan site of the show

Jeff On Survivor 40
It’s almost time to watch host Jeff Probst snuff out some torches on Survivor again. Pic credit: CBS

The Survivor 41 cast just finished playing the game. Host Jeff Probst posted a video about it and now we are just waiting for the season premiere.

It also looks like a Survivor 41 cast list has been revealed by one of the popular fan sites of the show. They typically attain information like this ahead of time, and it gives fans an early look.

As we previously reported, this particular season of Survivor was shorter than normal. It won’t impact the number of episodes, but it may have shifted how the game was played.

The great news is that CBS will be airing a new season of the show in the fall, bringing an end to the long hiatus the show had to take during the coronavirus pandemic.

An early look at the Survivor 41 cast members

Below is the full cast list for Survivor 41 that the fan site Inside Survivor put out for fans to enjoy. As this is a fan site, take everything with a grain of salt, but they are often very correct with news and predictions about upcoming seasons of the show.

When we get the official Survivor 41 cast list from CBS, we will make sure to pass that on as well, but enjoy this early look at the 18 names that reportedly just finished playing the game.

  • Brad Reese: 49-year-old rancher from Douglas, WY.
  • Danny McCray: 33-year-old retired NFL player from Houston, Texas.
  • David Voce: 34-year-old doctor from Nashville, TN.
  • DeShawn Radden: 26-year-old shift manager/medical scribe from Phoenix, AZ.
  • Eric Abraham: 50-year-old cybersecurity worker from San Antonio, TX.
  • Erika Casupanan: 32-year-old communications professional from Toronto, ON, Canada.
  • Evvie Jagoda: 28-year-old researcher and Ph.D. student from Somerville, MA.
  • Genie Robin-Chen: 46-year-old grocery store worker from Portland, OR.
  • Heather Aldret: 52-year-old artist from Charleston, SC.
  • Jairus Robinson: 20-year-old student from Oklahoma City, OK
  • Liana Wallace: 20-year-old business student from Evanston, IL.
  • Naseer Muttalif: 36-year-old sales manager from Milpitas, CA.
  • Richard Foye: 31-year-old flight attendant from Bellingham, WA.
  • Sara Wilson: 23-year-old mechanical engineering student from Sherman Oaks, CA.
  • Shantel Smith: 34-year-old pastor/comedian from Toronto, ON, Canada.
  • Sydney Segal: 26-year-old law student/legal intern from Beverly Hills, CA.
  • Tiffany Seely: 47-year-old teacher from Plainview, NY.
  • Xander Hastings: 20-year-old computer science student from Jacksonville, FL.
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Survivor 41 cast images

Need some images to go along with the names and details revealed above? Below is a fun post that Martin Holmes put up on Twitter that shows off the faces of the new Survivor castaways.

Take a look and make some guesses about who you think became the Survivor 41 winner. As we noted above, the season has already been filmed, and now we are just patiently waiting for that season premiere to air in the fall.

Survivor returns in the fall of 2021 on CBS.

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