Survivor 41: Why did Jeff Probst call new season ‘super dangerous’ in clip?

Jeff Probst Survivor 42
Survivor host Jeff Probst is bringing a new season of his show to CBS. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 41 has completed filming and it will soon be ready to air on CBS. In fact, the network just confirmed its spot on the fall 2021 television schedule.

Host Jeff Probst even put out a teaser video to get people hyped about the new season and it is certainly working.

One of the things that Jeff said in the video has really stuck with people, though, and it has to do with one of the phrases that he used to describe Survivor Season 41.

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Jeff said that this season is “super dangerous” but didn’t give further information about why that is the case. That could mean a number of things, but no matter what the reason was that he said it, we are more intrigued than ever.

It’s possible that Jeff was simply referring to the Survivor 41 cast playing the game during a global pandemic as being dangerous. He may also be hinting at more intense challenges and maybe even a form of Redemption Island being used again that includes some dangerous living conditions.

And it’s also possible that Jeff was simply using some buzz words to tease everyone and to get fans talking again. It has been so long since the last season (Winners At War) aired on CBS, though, that we will all take just about any type of season at this point.

Survivor 41 hype video from host Jeff Probst

Below is the Instagram post that CBS put up to get people excited about the fall 2021 season of Survivor. The caption reads, “Let’s hear the tribe speak. Drop a ? if you’re excited for @survivorcbs to return this Fall on CBS!”

“We are super pumped for Survivor 41,” Jeff opens the video clip by stating. “It is a brand new game. Fast-paced. Super dangerous. Very difficult to win. And absolutely entertaining to watch. Fans are gonna love it.”

Survivor Season 41 will debut in the fall

Survivor is going to be returning to its familiar timeslot of 8/7c on Wednesday nights. We had to go a full television season without any new episodes from the hit reality competition show, so it’s good that CBS is providing a bit of familiarity for when the show finally does come back.

It’s unclear when the Survivor 41 season premiere is going to be, but there are hints that the first episode could air on September 29. It looks like the Big Brother 2021 season finale will be on that date, which typically coincides with the Survivor premiere event. The night would likely begin with an extended episode of Survivor and then lead into the Big Brother finale.

We expect CBS to come out with start dates for the fall 2021 shows soon, but we don’t expect Survivor to start airing new episodes until that new season of Big Brother comes to an end. And for fans who are interested in that other reality competition show, the BB23 cast begins playing their game on July 7.

Stay tuned, folks, because we also hope that we will start learning the names of some Survivor 41 castaways very soon as well. Maybe Jeff Probst will also give us a little more information on why this is a “super dangerous” season of the show.

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Survivor 41 airs in fall 2021 on CBS.

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