Sister Wives sneak peek: Christine Brown keeps a secret from Kody about daughter Ysabel’s spinal surgery

Ysabel, Kody and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Christine and Ysabel Brown kept a secret from Kody. Pic credit: TLC

In an upcoming clip from Sister Wives, Christine Brown kept a big secret from her now-ex-husband Kody Brown regarding their daughter Ysabel’s spinal surgery.

Kody and Christine Brown announced their split just weeks ago, and now the drama leading up to their parting is playing out on Season 16 of Sister Wives.

Ysabel Brown prepares for scoliosis surgery on Sister Wives

In a preview clip from this Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives, Christine Brown kept a big secret from Kody as Ysabel prepared for her scoliosis surgery.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Ysabel required surgery for her scoliosis last season and Kody Brown angered viewers when he suggested that the teenager travel alone from Arizona to New Jersey for her procedure.

Following up on that this season, Christine explained to the rest of the family that Ysabel would be undergoing her surgery after years of debilitating pain.

“We finally have an appointment for Ysabel for her surgery,” Christine told the family in the preview. “It’s about 6 weeks away.”

Christine explained, “We found out that Ysabel had scoliosis when she was like 13 in middle school. It’s been about four years now that she’s just been in so much pain.”

(You can click on the preview clip below to watch.)

‘Sister Wives’ Preview: Christine Keeps A Secret From Kody As Ysabel’s Back Surgery Nears

When talking about Ysabel’s recovery, Christine mentioned that her daughter would have a large scar on her side that she wants to cover with a tattoo.

Christine Brown kept a secret from Kody Brown about Ysabel’s surgery

“So Ysabel goes, ‘I’m going to get the scoliosis surgery, and I’m going to have that big, huge scar, so I honestly would like a tattoo going down the scar. What do you think about that?'” Christine revealed.

Christine continued, “I don’t think I should say the rest, but I said, ‘Yes, definitely.'”

The problem is, however, that Kody is adamantly opposed to tattoos, and although Christine’s upbringing taught her the same, she’s okay with it. But, Ysabel was about to turn 18 years old, so her parents’ opinions wouldn’t matter too much after all.

“Kody is so adamantly opposed to tattoos,” Christine explained. “I doubt [Ysabel has] told him, but I mean, she’s going to be 18 and moving out. I guess how he feels about it doesn’t really matter because [Ysabel] won’t be living at home when she gets one.”

Ysabel, who is currently living in North Carolina with her older sister Maddie Brown-Brush, recently shared pics of her scar from surgery on Instagram, one year after her “life-changing” operation.

Because of the pandemic, Kody wasn’t allowed to travel with Christine and Ysabel to her surgery in New Jersey, although Ysabel really wanted her dad to be there.

Kody preferred that Ysabel wait to have surgery because of the pandemic, but her pain was too much to bear any longer.

Kody mentioned that Christine and Ysabel would be gone for at least six weeks because they had to quarantine before and after the surgery.

The Brown family patriarch explained that he didn’t want to travel along with Christine and Ysabel because six weeks is too long for him to be away from the rest of his family.

Now that Sister Wives viewers know that Christine and Kody have ended their spiritual marriage after 27 years, many believe that Robyn played a huge role.

Robyn admitted that she was to blame for their split, according to an insider, and many think her plan is falling perfectly into place: to push out Kody’s other wives and become his only wife.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

As a viewer, I do not believe Kody is aware all his excuses are for him to be with Robin, only. Christine is one strong lady. I can’t imaginethe pain of the other three sisters being excluded from a so called marriage.
I am just guessing, but I think, Kody wants to keep the three rejected sisters together for financial reasons. Christine, you rock. You seem to have the most selfr esteem fo not allowing yourself to be used, no matter what the reasons are. God bless you.