Sister Wives spoiler: Kody Brown suggests daughter Ysabel travel alone for her spinal surgery

The Brown Family of Sister Wives
Kody suggested that his daughter, Ysabel, travel alone for her scoliosis surgery in the season finale. Pic credit: TLC

In the season finale of Sister Wives, Christine revealed that Ysabel needed surgery to correct her scoliosis. When Kody met with them to discuss it, he suggested that Ysabel travel alone.

Christine revealed during the episode that she and Kody’s 17-year-old daughter, Ysabel, needed to have surgery because her pain level, on a scale of one to ten, had steadily remained between an eight and nine for quite some time.

The surgery needed to be done before her condition and pain worsened. They waited six months for their insurance to take effect before they could start planning for the surgery.

Ysabel’s surgery was scheduled across the country, in New Jersey

For reasons not disclosed, Ysabel’s surgery would be taking place in New Jersey, about a five to six hour flight from Flagstaff, Arizona.

Kody went over to Christine’s house to discuss the surgery with Ysabel. He wanted to push her surgery out six months because of the pandemic and the risk of exposure to the virus that he feared would endanger the rest of the family.

Kody wouldn’t budge and refused to accompany Ysabel on her surgery trip

Kody flat out refused to go on the trip because he felt he would be risking the rest of the family’s health by possibly exposing them to the virus. Understandably, Ysabel looked upset her dad wouldn’t fly out with her and her mom for her surgery.

Christine pointed out that it was already nine months past the time that Ysabel began not being able to handle the pain anymore.

Ysabel noted to her dad that surgeons wouldn’t perform the surgery at all if it wasn’t safe, regardless of COVID-19.

When Kody suggested Ysabel fly solo to New Jersey for her surgery, she and mom Christine were upset

Kody, who admits he is angry, suggested sending Ysabel alone from Arizona to New Jersey for her surgery. Christine called it a “ridiculous, stupid suggestion” and assumed it was “the Kody rollercoaster,” saying Kody would realize how “stupid” his suggestion was before she had to respond.

Ysabel began to cry and said she won’t get surgery by herself. Christine reassured their daughter and told her it’s “not an option,” and told Ysabel, “I wouldn’t do that to you.”

During his solo confessional, Kody admitted that he shouldn’t have suggested Ysabel fly out alone.

Ysabel continued to cry asking Kody, “How long do you want me to wait? I’m not really needed anymore, am I? Am I?” before she went inside, sobbing.

Christine reinforced that they wouldn’t be going on a vacation, but rather it was a medical procedure that had to happen, and it couldn’t be put off any longer.

Kody left, without coming to a resolution, and ending up upsetting Ysabel and Christine in the process.

Christine put her head in her hands after Kody walked away. She stated that she didn’t understand how Kody couldn’t see how much pain Ysabel was in.

Christine, who doesn’t feel like she’s Kody’s equal partner, told cameras, “Maybe if he was around more, he’d see this more. Whatever…”

She said of the discussion about Ysabel’s surgery, “That was… awful.” 

Kody confessed that Christine has changed

Kody claimed that Christine’s attitude towards him and the rest of the family has changed since they moved to Flagstaff.

He said, “We’re existing in an alternate reality. It feels like everything is upside down.”

Things have certainly seemed to be turned upside down during this season. Between Kody and Meri’s marriage troubles, Janelle’s disagreements on COVID-19 protocols, Christine’s persistence to move, and Robyn voicing that she wants more kids with Kody, there has been plenty of drama in the Brown family.

Viewers can catch the rest of the episode and one last dose of polygamist drama in tonight’s season finale.

The Sister Wives two-hour season finale airs tonight at 10/9c on TLC.

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2 years ago

So this “family” went from possible cancelation…to an emotional mess on all fronts. With what we are now learning about “reality” shows and their now obvious scripting, I can’t help but feel that a lot of these problems (not Ysabel) have been ‘manufactured.’

Alane E Roath
Alane E Roath
2 years ago

Good evening Kody.

Hope this message finds you and family well. Just want to let you know you have support concerning COVID safety. Thank you for thinking of others and keeping everyone safe. I feel that you are dealing with conflict from your wives. I don’t know how you keep your sanity. I am a psychotherapist that struggles with one couple issues. It’s difficult all the way around. Your struggle is so much deeper. I do see that you are often the one to keep everyone happy and satisfied. That is much to ask of one person. I wish you the best in all that you pursue.

2 years ago

Only reason Kody doesnt want to go with Christine and Ysabel is that Kody will have waaay too much time spent with Christine! He will miss his love, Robyn and HER children.