Sister Wives: Meri Brown explains why she never gives flowers to someone who lost a loved one

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Meri explained to her fans why she never gives flowers to someone after they lose a loved one. Pic credit: TLC

After detailing the tough few weeks she’s experienced, Sister Wives star Meri Brown explained to her fans what her late mother, Bonnie, taught her about gifting plants instead of flowers to people who have lost loved ones.

Bonnie was a crucial part of Meri’s life and losing her has been hard on Meri.

In the thick of her grief, Meri had a lengthy message for her followers, sharing the ups and downs she’s faced since unexpectedly losing her mother last month.

Meri admitted that although she expected ‘ups and downs,’ she wasn’t prepared for the agony of her mother’s passing

Meri got vulnerable with her fans and followers as she detailed her experience in the recent weeks since her mom’s passing.

She shared with her fans, “It’s been one of those weeks. One of the really hard ones after mom passed. I’ve expected the ups and downs, I’m not naive to the fact that it happens after a loss. I’ve had zero energy, zero motivation, all the tears, and all the sadness.”

“It’s so heavy. I’m not one to really allow myself to just sit and do nothing. I always want to be productive, I want to create, I want to get all the little jobs and requirements done. It’s been something I’ve really had to focus on letting myself do these past four weeks, doing nothing,” she wrote.

She took her mom’s advice and doesn’t gift flowers because they ‘just die,’ but plants will ‘live on’

Meri’s caption continued, “I don’t do it all the time, but in those moments, I’ll allow it of myself. Many years ago when a friend had a loss, I was going to buy her flowers. Mom said not to get flowers, to get a plant. Flowers will just die. Plants will live on and will be something that will bring a sweet memory.”

“Ever since then, I’ve followed mom’s wise advice and have never given flowers to someone who lost a loved one. I went out and bought this big plant for mom. It’s prominent in the corner of the living room of the B&B, and visible as you walk in the front door, so hopefully all who enter will feel the life and energy of my sweet mom.”

“Years down the road, I hope this plant is still around, and although by then guests may not even know of her, they will feel her presence and her love. Right now, sitting in the living room with this simple plant is how I attempt to heal. ???,” she concluded.

Meri has become active again on social media after taking a break to mourn

Meri shared her raw and emotional post after taking a brief hiatus from social media to mourn her mother’s death.

One of her first social media interactions, when she returned, was addressing a troll who told her to “get over” her mother’s death and another troll who alleged she was having an affair with a producer.

Meri has resumed her Fridays with Friends on Instagram with her BFF, Jenn, which is a welcome sign that she’s healing from her loss.

For now, Meri is committed to her marriage and family

This season on Sister Wives, fans watched as Meri struggled in her marriage to Kody, and although their relationship seemed to be over, she hasn’t given up just yet.

She recently admitted that she’ll continue to fight for her relationship because it’s “worth it,” and confirmed that she’s committed to the family.

Fans wonder if Meri will continue to stay with the family in Flagstaff or spend most of her time in Utah, tending to her bed and breakfast and visiting with her daughter, Mariah, who moved back to Utah with her fiance.

Only time will tell whether Meri will shift her way of thinking and make some major changes in her life.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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