Sister Wives: Meri Brown says she’s committed to the family, the ‘fight is worth it’

Meri Brown and her spouses of Sister Wives
Meri said there is “value” in her family. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Meri Brown told her followers that although struggling isn’t easy, she’s willing to “fight” for her family, and that she’s committed.

Meri was very active on Twitter over the weekend and touched on a lot of topics, mostly related to the Sister Wives season finale episode.

In one of her tweets, Meri talked about her commitment to the family, despite the struggles.

She told her fans, “Struggling is crap. But I also feel the fight is worth it and there’s value to our family. I am committed, but I can only look in the mirror and work on myself. And that’s what I’ll continue to do.”

Despite her commitment to the family, fans have urged Meri to leave

Meri has been dragged by fans of the show, especially this season, for staying with Kody, despite his continuing mistreatment of her.

Fans have watched Meri and Kody’s relationship crumble this season, and they even admitted that they were no longer a couple.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Meri told her followers that the family is worth the struggles and she’ll continue to work on herself. Pic credit: @MeriBrown1/Twitter

Fans spoke up about Meri’s choice to stay

One of Meri’s fans understood her point, but couldn’t resist bringing up the fact that Kody doesn’t seem to be putting forth as much effort as she is.

They replied, “While I understand and value loyalty, you can’t be the only one working on yourself. Kody really needs to do that and seems totally unwilling.”

In an episode that was hard to watch for viewers and cast members alike, Kody admitted to withholding sex and romance from Meri because they lacked a spark in their relationship.

Kody voiced that he wanted Meri to “date” him, but when she made efforts to flirt with him, they were met with rejection.

Does Meri stay because she wants to or because of religious beliefs?

Some of Meri’s fans have even formed their own Instagram page called The Meri Brown Show, pushing for the reality tv star to get her own spinoff of Sister Wives.

Many speculate that Meri stays with Kody and the family due to religious beliefs. In their culture, their marriages are bound eternally, continuing into their afterlives, where they believe they’ll exist as one family.

Meri hasn’t been legally married to Kody since 2014, when she divorced him so that Robyn could marry him in order for Kody to adopt Robyn’s three children from her previous marriage.

Being that Robyn is Kody’s only legal wife, Meri, Janelle and Christine are Kody’s spiritual wives. Meri first wed Kody in 1990 when she was just 19 years old.

Meri has been struggling with grief since her mother passed away unexpectedly last month. Some have wondered if the loss of her mother would push Meri to make some changes in her life, but for now, it looks like she’s committed to Kody and her sister wives.

Although fans of the show will have to wait for another season of Sister Wives to be announced, in the meantime, they can follow Meri and the rest of the mega-sized family on social media.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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