Seeking Sister Wife: Christeline Petersen deletes post after speaking out against the Snowdens

Christeline Petersen of Seeking Sister Wife
After breaking her silence on the Snowden abuse scandal, Christeline Petersen has deleted her post. Pic credit: TLC

Christeline Petersen seems to have gone into hiding after coming forward with allegations of abuse against Seeking Sister Wife stars Dimitri and Ashley Snowden, and now she’s deleted the post she shared, speaking out against them.

In January of this year, Christeline, a native of South Africa, was granted temporary restraining orders against Dimitri and Ashley after she alleged domestic abuse, which was later dissolved by a judge.

The TLC personality alleged in court documents that Dimitri slammed her head into a headboard and even choked her during sex, and accused Ashley of verbal abuse and interfering with her leaving their home.

Last week, Christeline shared a post on Instagram, addressing the abuse scandal for the first time

Christeline’s post included a selfie, with long, dark braids, which is a stark contrast from the short, platinum blonde look that viewers saw while she was on the show.

She shared a message with her followers that read, “Correcting and healing the mindset that attracted and tolerated them for so long. Thank you for being exactly what my growth needed to be for me, but now… I release you ??”

Christeline Petersen of Seeking Sister Wife on Instagram
Christeline’s now-deleted IG post aimed at her exes, the Snowdens. Pic credit: @christeline.petersen/Instagram

Christeline has since deleted her post amid news of her GoFundMe page being organized

After news broke that Christeline’s fellow sister wives and exes of the Snowdens pulled together to organize a GoFundMe for her, Christeline’s post was deleted. Christeline’s whereabouts are uncertain, and that could be with good reason.

Could Christeline have deleted the post out of fear?

It’s unclear what the specifics are, but actress Ariadne Joseph, the GoFundMe organizer, stated that Christeline was “suffering severe domestic abuse at the hands of her husband, she is now in hiding and fears for her life.”

Two more of the Snowdens’ exes, Vanessa Cobbs and Tayler Middleton, teamed up with Ariadne to support her efforts to help Christeline regain her life in South Africa. The two have also used their social media platforms to speak out about the abuse allegations.

Dimitri filed for divorce from Christeline earlier this month and claimed marriage abandonment

Many were surprised to hear that Dimitri was filing for divorce from Christeline, as most were unaware that they were even legally married. Some speculate that Christeline was in the country on either a fiance or spousal visa, allowing her to stay in the United States. It was later revealed that Dimitri claimed that Christeline abandoned their marriage.

Dimitri and Ashley revealed during the first season of Seeking Sister Wife that they didn’t legally marry to avoid any conflict over the title of legal spouse as they welcomed more sister wives into their plural marriage.

Another of the Snowdens’ exes, Ariadne Joseph, has been a huge supporter of Christeline and is working to bring light to the abuse scandal

Ariadne Joseph is the only one of the Snowdens’ exes who has spoken candidly about her accounts of alleged abuse, giving several interviews where she went into detail about Dimitri’s violent outbursts, nudity requirements, and forced threesomes with his first wife, Ashley.

Ariadne has claimed that TLC has yet to acknowledge or respond to any of the allegations, and Dimitri has remained tight-lipped, as well.

If the Snowdens’ other exes, Vanessa, Tayler, and Christeline, are bound by NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreements) like Ariadne claims, then it’s understandable why they’ve only spoken in vague terms about the allegations.

It seems there is more to this ongoing story, judging off the information already brought forward, and hopefully, Christeline and her daughters can move on safely with their lives, as well as the rest of the alleged victims.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7 on TLC and Discovery+.

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