Seeking Sister Wife: The Snowdens’ exes organize a GoFundMe for Christeline Petersen to regain her life

Ariadne Joseph, Christeline Petersen and Tayler Middleton, and Vanessa Cobbs of Seeking Sister Wife
Dimitri and Ashley Snowden’s exes, Ariadne Joseph, Vanessa Cobbs and Tayler Middleton have organized a Go Fund Me in an effort to help Christeline Petersen regain her life amid the abuse scandal. Pic credit: @ariadne_joseph/Instagram and TLC

Several exes of the Seeking Sister Wife stars Dimitri and Ashley Snowden have pulled together and created a GoFundMe fundraiser to help their friend, and former sister wife to the Snowdens, Christeline Petersen, regain her life.

Christeline, a South African native who moved in with the Snowdens along with her daughters, first brought the abuse scandal to light when she filed for protective orders from both Dimitri and Ashley Snowden back in January.

Chrissy, as her friends call her, claimed that Dimitri was physically abusive, slammed her head into a headboard, and choked her during sex. She also alleged that Dimitri’s first wife, Ashley, was verbally abusive and obstructed her from leaving their home.

Both restraining orders were thrown out in court after a judge presiding over the case said that Christeline’s claims did not meet the burden of proof and Dimitri provided texts that allegedly proved that Christeline liked the choking during sex, according to a source.

Dimitri has since filed for divorce from Christeline, and claimed that she abandoned their marriage.

Actress Ariadne Joseph first shared the information on her Instagram page, including a pic from the GoFundMe website, which shows Christeline posing alongside her two young daughters.

Ariadne’s post revealed that Christeline and her daughters are ‘in hiding’ and she ‘fears for her life’

Ariadne told her followers, “I’ve recently become acquainted with this beautiful soul and she could really use our help. Christeline and her daughters are in dire need of clothing and other essential and supplies as they have few possessions with them where they are currently. “

“After suffering severe domestic abuse at the hands of her husband, she is now in hiding and fears for her life,” she continued. “I know money is tight for many during this time but if we each chip in a little it will make a huge difference.”

“100% of the funds raised (minus Gofundme’s fee) will go towards getting Christeline back on her feet and stabilized here in the states until she returns to South Africa. Anything you can donate will mean so much! ::LINK IN THE BIO:: Thank you!! Peace and blessings,” she concluded the post.

Although Vanessa Cobbs is listed as the beneficiary, Christeline has full access to the funds

The GoFundMe page states that the campaign is being organized by Ariadne on Vanessa Cobbs’ behalf and includes the disclaimer, “Per Chrissy’s request, until Chrissy is able to successfully create her own account, Vanessa Cobbs is named the beneficiary of her account but Chrissy has full access to her funds and ALL proceeds go to her.”

Ariadne is the only one of the Snowdens’ ex sister wives who is currently living in the country and therefore was able to organize the fundraiser, per Tayler Middleton’s IG live story this morning.

Tayler also explained that they wanted to protect Christeline and her whereabouts, which is why they made Vanessa the beneficiary, but reiterated that Christeline has full access to any money raised.

The Snowdens’ ex-wife Vanessa Cobbs shared the GoFundMe with her followers as well

The Snowdens’ ex-wife, Vanessa Cobbs, also shared the fundraiser on her Instagram page, and told her followers, “If you’re able to, please take a moment to help support Christeline and her daughters. ⁣”

“Chrissy is such a beautiful, kind, gentle soul and deserves nothing but love, peace, and happiness. ⁣⁣All funds raised will go directly to Chrissy and her children [red heart emoji]⁣⁣ Thank you for organizing, @ariadne_joseph!” She exclaimed.

A fourth ex sister wife of the Snowdens, Tayler Middleton, also raised awareness for Chrissy’s fundraiser

Another of the Snowdens’ ex-sister wives, Tayler Middleton, also shared the fundraiser and added her own message to her followers: “Thank you @ariadne_joseph for organizing this fundraiser for our Sister! Thank you @vanessacobbs for being such an amazing light in all of our lives, not sure how we could stay sane with out the two of you!ing light in all of our lives, not sure how we could stay sane with out the two of you!”

“Chrissy! I told you back in 2019 when we first met that you would be my Sis for life NO MATTER WHAT!!! Back then, we had no idea what life would turn into but I am so glad that we didn’t have to go through that dark hole alone. For days after leaving I felt sick to my stomach, not knowing where you and I stood, if you and the girls were ok!” She added.

“I thank God for keeping you alive in that house and for bringing you back into my life!! I can not wait to see you and the girls again! I love you and miss you dearly! Never forget: You have two very heavenly angels constantly watching over you and helping to answer all of your prayers!! You and your girls are covered and protected always!” She continued.

“After all this pain there will be sunshine, happiness and joy for you again!… We ALL love you and are supporting you from all over the world!… #SW4L#gofundme#supportChrissy#supportChrissy! Support her girls! Let’s help her out her life back together,” she concluded.

It’s suspected that the Snowdens had their exes sign NDA’s, but plenty of details have come to light

Ariadne Joseph has spoken out in detail about the abuse she claims she suffered while living with the Snowdens years ago, and has shown her support for Chrissy and the other exes.

Ariadne recently gave another interview where she detailed her abuse at the hands of Dimitri Snowden, alleging that he choked her and said he belongs in jail for domestic abuse.

Ariadne revealed that TLC has done ‘nothing’ to help or protect Chrissy

On Ariadne’s post, some of her followers asked about TLC’s involvement in the scandal, and the actress claimed that the network hasn’t responded to the accusations, nor have they done anything to help or protect Christeline.

One of her followers asked, “TLC won’t buy her a ticket home?”

Ariadne responded, “TLC has done nothing! They haven’t even responded to what’s happened.”

Actress Ariadne Joseph on Instagram
Ariadne claims that TLC has “done nothing” to help Christeline. Pic credit: @ariadne_joseph/Instagram

In another comment, one follower asked, “Is TLC not helping at all? Really curious[.]”

Ariadne replied, “No, they aren’t helping nor did they do anything to protect her [or] the women who were with the Snowdens on the show.”

Actress Ariadne Joseph on Instagram
Ariadne told a follower that TLC isn’t doing anything to help or protect any of the Snowdens’ exes. Pic credit: @ariadne_joseph/Instagram

Dimitri still hasn’t addressed the accusations publicly, and his wife Ashley has only cryptically responded to the abuse scandal.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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