Seeking Sister Wife: Ariadne Joseph releases texts and emails from the Snowdens and TLC’s parent company

The Snowdens of Seeking Sister Wife and Ariadne Joseph
The Snowdens’ ex, actress Ariadne Joseph, revealed text messages between herself and Dimitri, Ashley, and a company executive. Pic credit: TLC and @ariadne_joseph/Instagram

Ariadne Joseph, the actress who came forward as one of Dimitri and Ashley Snowden’s exes, has released text messages from the Seeking Sister Wife stars as well as emails from TLC’s parent company.

During a three-part interview with reality TV blogger John Yates on his YouTube page, Ariadne shared electronic communications that she said were between herself, the Snowdens, and Discovery, Inc.

Ariadne shared an email from TLC’s parent company after ‘alerting them of the alleged abuse’

The first email that Ariadne shared was one she said was between herself and an executive at Discovery. It appears to show them having scheduling conflicts while trying to arrange a call to discuss her allegations.

Eventually, Ariadne said she and the female executive were able to talk on the phone, and she claimed, “She called and I told her everything that happened to me.” However, Ariadne claimed nothing ever came of the call.

Ariadne claimed Dimitri is a felon who bypassed security checks with an invalid SSN

Ariadne also claimed in the interview that Dimitri had a CPN, or credit privacy number, similar to a Social Security Number (SSN), and alleged that because he didn’t offer a valid SSN Dimitri was able to bypass TLC’s background checks.

Ariadne also claimed that Dimitri is a felon, telling her interviewer, “Whatever social they had, I can guarantee you it wasn’t his original social. And this is part of the reason why they probably could not find things on him immediately.”

“He is a felon and he is not supposed to have possession of guns, and this is how I know for an absolute fact,” she continued. “He still can’t buy guns to this day. He still has Ashley purchasing guns for him. I actually have texts on that too.”

In one text, Ariadne told Ashley that Dimitri was being unfaithful

The actress also shared some text messages between herself and Ashley Snowden, Dimitri’s first wife. In the messages, Ariadne claimed to have knowledge that Dimitri was unfaithful to Ashley, and had slept with his tax preparer, someone named Ty.

In the texts, Ariadne made Ashley aware of what she claimed the situation was, before Ashley asked her to “cease and desist to contact me.”

Another message shows her saying, “Deal with your s**t and I’ll deal with mine”

She also shared a text message exchange she alleges was between herself and Dimitri

Ariadne also shared messages she said were between herself and Dimitri — which appear to show him admitting to punching through a a board. His and Ashley’s potential third wife Christeline Petersen previously claimed that he “often yells and punches the walls or furniture.”

The text message read, “Once you move on from me, I will advise you. i do hope that i have given some proper frame works fro how to be a PROPER wife to a PROPER man…”

It went on, “I can’t believe I punched through a one inch thick board. Wine please.”

The Snowden’s other exes, Vanessa Cobbs and Tayler Middleton, have also spoken out in recent days. Dimitri, who filed for divorce this week from Christeline, has not yet addressed the allegations.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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